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Channelers' note: Welcome to this new area of the site, "Grandfather Pages." Grandfather intends to tell the history of Manifestation from the Spirit side of the story, and he begins with "How We've Gotten Here, Part One". This is a continuation of the healing class lessons on these pages: Grandfather, The Asuras, Grandfather Remembers Original Heart, and the healing class discussion for Lesson Four. Also see the Truth and Reality Class Lesson Four, Fundamental Questions of Manifestation for more of the foundational background of "How We've Gotten Here, Part One." This channeling is in part in response to the contributions below, and addresses some of the questions and concerns that are brought up in this discussion.

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Becoming New Heart

Does Earth Lead the Way?

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"How We've Gotten Here, Part One"

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Grandfather, Get on the Couch

Well dear grandfather...I don't believe you... you are full of it... even though what you say, especially about heart, may have a scent of truth to it. But you feel to me like the "Oberstrumbandtfhurer" or the "Oberspirit". You should be wailing in your own remorse, be depressed by your own creations, but no... you are there as fit as ever, as superior as ever, as absolute as ever, as manipulating as ever.

You are now asking us to go all the way to hell, and I've just seemingly gotten out of there (or entered the sweet illusion I am not there anymore) when you've had us thrown there in the first place. But no, on "other levels of reality" everything has its reason... and is for the best.

Nowhere do I really hear the voice of remorse, pity, understanding, empathy, just new rules, new ways to go towards healing, new techniques, new frameworks, a new grammar to waste even more time for those grabbing anything that will give them some hope for a dead future and a past full of horrors.

I have this hate for you and you act like an understanding grandfather towards his grandson who is having a tantrum. You'd better check your own shit about your own father and your relation towards him before you try to hand us down that much unconsciousness. At least in God or/and father of manifestation I sometimes feel some of the pain I expect to find, some of the guilt that must be hiding there. Where is yours? Where are your fuck-ups? Get here on the couch!!!

Grandfather, Do Something!

For Grandfather - re Healing Class - Lesson 4.   I've been assuming that "in the beginning" things just kinda happened and that all this cruelty, pain and death which I now see all around me has been a totally unintended result of original inexperience and unfortunate errors of divine judgment, and this I could accept and try my best to help with in the healing.  After all, I'm no stranger to personal mistakes and my own errors of judgment. But now, for Christ's sake, I'm being told that in truth all this shit has been instead the result of "a very carefully orchestrated act of Love" and I'm so fucking angry.

Is it true that Original Heart (You as You first were?) fucked up His future (our NOW) just because He wanted someone else to play hide and seek with?  We're suffering, damn it!  So are You really telling me that all this suffering is just a planned manifestation of Original Heart's desire for manifest SEX ??? Well, this suffering isn't fucking acceptable!  It's obscene and it certainly doesn't impress me as being a manifestation of Love in any shape or form!  And who are You anyway, Grandfather?  Are You really who you say You are?  Or are You just some sort of undercover agent from Hell, subversively using GodChannel to turn us against LOVE, with lies?

Damn it all, when I first read Healing Class, Lesson 4 (Introduction - Grandfather Remembers Original Heart)  I got a picture of You as some self-righteously-smug cosmic politician telling us poor manifest souls to accept our suffering and Your unsubstantiated word that You know best and all is going according to plan.  How can You even consider such a thing with a smile on Your face when earth-souls are suffering and dying and the very Earth herself, and all Her life-forms, are being tortured and destroyed right here in front of Your all-seeing fucking eyes. If You were originally responsible (as Original Heart) for all this unholy shit then why don't You do something constructive now to remedy the situation?  Don't just tell us that we have free-will and must fix things for you, because though we might have free-will we've never as individuals had enough power to use it effectively in the face of so much fragmentation.

So if You have any real power Yourself, and if You genuinely are our cosmic Granddad, and if You actually do give a damn for us, then for OUR sake DO SOMETHING HELPFUL before it's too bloody late, okay! Yes, I'm very angry. And my Will is absolutely furious.

I'm Puzzled

Dear Channelers, Grateful thanks for all your incredible efforts. Having semi-recovered from my surprise at being addressed by Grandfather, I have a few comments/queries arising from Healing Class, Lesson Four.

Firstly, I'm puzzled about the nature of the Healing that Grandfather says will be here "very soon". I know from my dreams that great things are in the wind. At the same time, how can true Healing be so close? According to the Spirit of this Creation, I need to recover massive amounts of Lost Will before this can happen. Some of the references to the Gap (to where I need to venture) in RUOW are quite terrifying. I have assumed it would take me a very long time to undergo and complete this ordeal.

Or am I closer to Healing than I thought? Have my various bouts of gloom and misery over the years in some way added up to a trip to Hell? Or could it be that, because I've shown willingness, I'm to be given some sort of celestial boost in order to make Healing possible "very soon"?

Channelers: Somewhere on the site it says that evolution doesn't happen gradually, that it happens quickly, in leaps. A long time of preparation ends in a rather sudden shift. And "soon" has been a kind of running joke here. (There's mention of it in the Interview with God, Part Two.) God says "soon" and two years go by before what was supposed to be "soon" happens. At other times "soon" has meant tomorrow or the next day.

Contributor: A more doom laden possibility is that I'm shortly to find myself immersed in the depths of Hell (via my own unconscious wishes, I imagine) - a sort of commando raid to rescue the Mother in order to meet the "very soon" deadline? I don't mean to sound flippant, but I am genuinely puzzled. Can you offer any enlightenment, please.

Channelers: From our experience, it's not a matter of unconscious wishes as much as knowing that the deeper levels of the healing work require regular journeys into the darkness, compression, pain and despair of what we'd been trying to deny for so long... the tortures of Hell. While it's not at all a commando raid, it does seem a lot like a "Mission Impossible", but just as you accept the mission, the whole thing blows up anyway. And it wouldbe impossible if it weren't for the willingness of Spirit to go there with us. But it seems there are still places where Light cannot yet go. And those are the places where the suffering is greatest, and most work is needed.

Contributor: Related to this, will it be me personally triggering something to bring about Healing in the world I experience? I'm thinking now of what's been said in God's Class about me being the venue for the world I "create"? Or are we talking about an objective happening in which I participate, along with millions of others, because Grandfather and his family have reached some sort of key stage independently of whatever I may or may not be doing? Does that make sense? I hope so. Your views would be appreciated. Thanks again for everything.

Channelers: You're welcome. The material on the site points to our human participation in what Deity is doing to heal. It seems that we're a central part of their healing efforts, if we choose to work with them in a collaborative way. And we may also be talking about a mass event that will be happening later for many people at once, but for sure we're talking about individual events that we each will be experiencing as the reality we create in our own venue becomes more healed, more whole.

This is because the world we create is the one we have influence over, is where we can be parental, and is the one we ourselves can heal. The strange twist in all of this is that the subjective world is larger and more encompassing that the "objective" world. And it seems that we get all the triggers we need by driving backward. God and the Mother's relationship issues (gaps) and the gaps between Spirit and Body and Will and Body as they show up inside of us seem to provide all the triggers we need.


Channeling related to these contributions

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