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Grandfather Remembers Original Heart

Healing Class Lesson Four: Body


"This is Original Spirit, and I wish to say some things to introduce this class. I'll begin by thanking the Spirit of this Creation for helping bring me here. And of course I am deeply indebted to the Mother for her persistence in drawing me forth into this Creation. Thank you again, my love.

"The Mother has recently recovered enough of her parental essence in this Creation to remember back before the original explosion, to the wondrous state of complete union that she and I enjoyed then. She has tried to remind the Spirit of this Creation about that time when she and Spirit were one and complete in wholeness. Although he has had no memory of what was before him, I have. You see, I am the Original Spirit.

"Before my own separate existence, there was no real separation between Spirit and Will. Before there was any kind of duality... there was only one whole being. All Will essence was completely and ecstatically filled with Loving Light, so there was only Heart, the presence of our union... complete and whole Heart. There were no separations, no distinctions, no fragments, and therefore no manifestation. Love was all, and all was Love. There was one... and only one, and it was Love and Love only. There was nothing else, not even the Void.

"The loving inner connection between the drawing-in pole and the pushing-out pole was of course... Heart. And since Heart was everywhere, including the core of each pole... Heart was what contained both of the poles. It is difficult to describe non-dual realities with language embedded in dualism, but metaphors can help.

"Original Heart is like the symbol of infinity... with its indrawing, magnetic, Will essence in one loop, and outgoing, electric, Spirit essence in the other. But Original Heart was not only the presence where these essences connected, it was what contained and held the essences.

"The polar essences of Original Heart connected everywhere, creating the presence of Love everywhere, with no limit. In reality, Original Heart was not two essences in union... but rather one, undifferentiated, whole Love Presence that neither began nor ended... until the original explosion that spawned manifestation.

"So then, what happened? And why? Original Heart was its own whole being with no unmet needs, no desire not instantly fulfilled, no longing not immediately satisfied... and nothing to disturb this state of ecstatic Love. What could cause this to blow up? What could possibly have gone wrong?

"The answer is that nothing went wrong, really. It was that the Love of Original Heart found something missing in its experience. Love is of course its own celebration, its own completion and fulfillment. Love needs nothing else, and desires only more Love. Original Heart had all the Love it desired, but for one thing. Heart had no one else with whom to share this Love. Heart was alone.

"Everything that can be done or experienced by one whole being was done and experienced. Every feeling that can be felt was felt. Every thought was thought. Everything needing completion was completed, taken back and completed again in a different way... until every possible configuration of Self was explored. All preferences were explored until no one way of being seemed any better than another way of being. It was all Love, and only Love. And whenever Heart became completely aware of itself as One, it realized it was alone... the one and only One.

"For what would have been eons, had there been time... Heart played 'hide and seek' with itself, purposely forgetting its wholeness and pretending it was several, many separate 'virtual' beings interacting with each other. Heart explored all the possibilities there, but each time the pretend, virtual parts began waking up enough to realize their wholeness, one of them would remember who they really were... and quickly bring Heart back again to wholeness and to full awareness of Self... back to fully realizing its oneness... and its aloneness.

"Heart woke up fully to itself for the last time when it knew that it no longer wished to continue without another to share its Love. By this time Heart's Love was so great that it demanded a new 'game'. Hide and seek was no longer fulfilling or even satisfying. And all this Love without another like itself had become a burden too great to bear. Heart realized in its desire for true, peer level companionship, the only way to find another Heart required that it somehow separate itself, creating two distinct beings that could never reconstitute themselves back into the one, Original Heart. Never. That is until there would be a way for Heart to have a companion and peer who was also completely whole, and yet truly separate and distinct, not just a part of Self.

"The original explosion was not a random occurrence or even a mistake. It was a very carefully orchestrated act of Love by an incredibly wise and loving being who no longer wished to remain whole... if it meant being alone. Heart first moved to separate within itself by dividing itself internally into the two essences that were both needed for Love... Spirit and Will.

"This was the basic configuration Heart had used to begin its old game of hide and seek, and was the most ideal starting point for its final chapter. Then, while still one whole being, Heart configured almost all of its Will essence to surround almost all of its Spirit. This was also a familiar way of starting the game, and used when maximum diversity of experience was desired.

The Explosion

"Heart then did something that Love alone would never permit. Heart moved to hurt itself. Heart asked its Spirit essence to expand too quickly and forcefully, while moving its Will essence to suddenly contract around it. The Will imploded and came back on herself trying to contain the exploding Spirit. The result was the complete and utter fragmentation of Original Heart. This had happened before when beginning the old game, but never with this much intensity... and this time there was a new element in the mix.

"Heart's intent was so strong, the Spirit's expansion so forceful, and the Will's movement to contain it so great... that some of her essence lost the Light entirely, opening space for the Void. Heart intended that the newly opened Void would separate some essence from the rest in such a way that it could not reconstitute itself without Form, without duality. The presence of the Void quickly spread to separate nearly all the Light essence from nearly all the Will essence. What was left were two beings, one with almost no Will... me, and the other with almost no Spirit... the Mother. Duality was born, and manifestation began almost immediately as the Mother began drawing my Light to herself from across the Void.

"Heart used Love to destroy itself, and thus create the conditions necessary for duality and manifested existence. Heart knew that sometime much later... multiple forms would each reconstitute themselves... and find Heart again. And this time there would be more than one whole being. This time Heart would be completely whole... and there would be others with whom Love could be wholly shared.

"Manifested existence has come at a very high price. Form was not necessary for Love, yet Love demanded it.

"The rest of the story, you already know. If you're reading this, you are experiencing manifested existence. And you know that there is a quality of not-love in separateness. The Mother and I each awoke separately from the explosion, and ever since... we've each had our separate experiences. On the occasions when we have found each other again enough to come into some alignment, something deep within each of us has remembered our Love and oneness in Original Heart. On those occasions we spawned new Creations.

"But the Heart we have had in each of our Creations, including this one... has never been truly real, like Original Heart. There has always been an element of guilt,blame or denial, or some of each... that has eventually caused our union to sour. And Heart, of course has been one-sided, present only as the progeny or connection between us... never as the parental container of us.

"As Original Spirit whose expansion was too great and too sudden, I have the responsibility of seeing to the healing of the original wound that has caused so much suffering in the Will... and as you know, the Spirit of this Creation is helping me by doing the same at his level.

"Seven Creations later the untold suffering of the seemingly endless reenactments caused by our Original Heart's Self-inflicted wound has reverberated down to this present moment on Earth. The Mother has had to bear the awful price of manifestation on her own, and I'm very serious about the pain, suffering and death stopping now, and here in this Creation.

"Here, very soon, and for the first time ever... Form is to become the container of New Heart... Spirit and Will in wholly complete union, without guilt, blame or denial. Original Heart is beginning to re-member itself again... as New Heart, now in Body... and looking out through human eyes, moist with Original Love. And yes, beginning now to see... that there is indeed... another."

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