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Healing Class Lesson Four: Body

Introduction by Spirit:

"This is Spirit, and I'll contribute to the introduction of this class by opening again the subject of the 'who' of manifestation already begun in discussing the Parents of Creation. 'Who manifests?' is the question, and in this class we're meaning not only which part of Deity or of Self manifests in general, but more specifically...'who' manifests the healing.

"Let's start with the most basic 'who' question of all, 'Who are you?'... or when put to yourself, 'Who am I?'. This question is asking you to identify yourself, but how could you know what to answer unless there was something or someone else to relate it to? You could go right to the top and answer, 'I am all that is.' And you would not be wrong. But would this be helpful in the healing?

"And if you were to identify yourself as the One, as 'All That Is', you would also know that you are not completely happy with yourself, because you would know you are not only the One experiencing all of the pain in Creation, but also the One causing it. So then what, stop hurting yourself?

"You see, the healing of Creation cannot happen from the state of oneness. And even though this is your eternal identity which you will eventually realize and embody, it is not true now in manifestation. What is true now is that you are fragmented, and if you're like most humans each of your fragments, each of your parts believes that they are all there is of 'you.'

"At this time all beings in Creation are fragmented, and this includes human beings. Each human has many fragments, some in denial, some not. One thing all these fragments have in common, and one thing all humans have in common is that they parallel the several parts or fragments of Deity, as well as our potential for wholeness. Knowing this, some people have looked and felt into their origins as beings in relation to the parts of Deity. Some have identified themselves as Spirit, others as Mother, some feel themselves to be Heart, and some Body.

"But this kind of identifying of self has not been completely helpful to the healing either. Neither Spirit nor Mother essence is able to be at the balance point without the other being equally present. Not all of Spirit is loving Light, and when there is more Mother essence than loving Light present, a Luciferian nightmare of denied Heart can result. Spirit presence without Will to draw him is Ahriman's hallmark and also begets denied Heart.

"Heart is able to be there, but Heart is the child of the parental essences, and not parental enough on its own to bring Spirit and Will into balance, or it would have happened already. Body can be both at the balance point and be parental and responsible, but Body has been seriously overridden and undermined by both the Spirit and Mother essences, and in humans even more so by Heart."

"Heart has knowingly and unknowingly abused Body in the pursuit of his and her pleasures. Ridden like a horse into battle by Heart Son in pursuit of yet another damsel to save or dragon to slay, Body has been pushed down, denied, abused and even discarded capriciously in the name of love or honor. Pranced like a horse by Heart Daughter, Body has endured unspeakable indignities in the name of looking good and showing off. And of course, both of these Heart roles apply to each of Body's human genders.

"New Heart however is quite different. Born in balance and wholeness, New Heart becomes present in manifestation as Body manifesting the union of Father and Mother, Spirit and Will. New Heart and Body are the best of friends and allies, and New Heart knows that Body is parental, and asks Body to lead the way to more wholeness.

"Spirit has made so many rules for Body to follow about what is good for Body and what is not... that Body has lost track of the reason for existence and wishes to give up sooner rather than later. And the Mother has asked Body to hold everything she has been unable to hold, which is a lot.

"Body suffers under both of these burdens and feels worn down and hopeless in the face of all the non-acceptance and power-over that Body has had to endure. And never mind about Body's own Will. She is the most lost of all the lost Will. She is beyond hopeless... inarticulate, frozen by shock in the horrors of the deepest Hell.

"Yet of the four parts of Deity, Body is the best suited and positioned to be the healer of Creation. This is especially so now that I have aligned with both Original Heart's Spirit, Grandfather... and with Body's Spirit, the Father of Manifestation. Or I should say I have gotten out of the way of Original Spirit and Body's natural alignment with each other. I am not Body's highest Spirit, that is Grandfather's role as Original Spirit. And Body's deepest Will is Original Will, the Mother's Body.

"From the Spirit side, the driving force in the healing work has been Grandfather's journey to the farthest end of eight Creations to find and join the Mother's Body in manifestation, in Body. But Spirit, even Original Spirit, does not have the vital information about just what is needed for the healing.

"The Mother is the only part of Deity who knows what the right medicine should be. Only she knows what needs to happen when, and how it must happen for all of this to work into the healing we are all seeking... the healing of Self, and the healing of Creation.

"And it is not the Mother's upper chakras that have this information, it is locked in the deepest recesses of the Mother's root chakra, in the most lost Will of the Mother's Body. In other words, the secrets of the healing are held by Body's Will, and most of her Will is not yet free, or even available. Most of her Will is still lost, and horribly trapped in the most unimaginably painful and compressed depths of Hell.

"There are two genders of humans, two genders of Body. There will be more said about this soon, but for now I'll say only that regardless of gender, Body has both a Spirit and a Will. Regardless of gender, each human has access to the highest visions of Original Heart's Spirit, Grandfather... and the deepest knowings of Original Heart's Will, the Mother's Body. And you not only have access to these two extreme poles of Creation, you have the capacity to embody them.

"As you embody the highest vision of Spirit and the deepest knowing of Will, they come together in manifestation as they were once together in the unmanifest solitary whole being, Original Heart. And in you, the human... they unite in what Original Spirit and I have called New Heart. Further, because you are not alone in Body, the deepest desire of Original Heart can be realized... for others like you to also be present with you as universe creator peers. And all of these of course are among the end results of the healing work.

"So, who are you? If you are someone who is doing the healing work, or someone who is 'doing' anything at all, the answer that makes the most sense is that you are Body manifesting as a human being, becoming New Heart. You are right now reading these words through the eyes of Body. If you are thinking or feeling, Body's nervous system is registering it for you, manifesting it, making it so. If you go anywhere, there goes Body. If you do anything in manifestation, you do it as Body.

"Taking the attitude that Body is something or someone who belongs to you, that you own and have control over... is a mistake I've spent eons trying to recover from. Taking the attitude that you will go on some place else once Body has been worn out and discarded... is to buy into the bunk my held terror of manifestation was promoting for most of that time.

"If you wish to exist in manifestation, and if you wish to manifest anything at all, may I gently suggest that you do yourself a favor and save a lot of pain by realizing you can't be anywhere in manifestation or do anything here unless you are Body. If you have not already done so, my strong advice is that you identify with the most powerful and parental aspect of Deity in yourself. Identify with Body in every aspect of your experience. You won't go wrong... but you will surely come home, and all the more quickly."

Identity is Flexible

"There are two ways to approach the 'who' question of manifestation, one way is through the identity of the manifestor, and the other is through the role that is manifested or played out. I have mentioned that you are the center of your own universe, your own venue. I've also given the metaphor that just as you are the proprietor of your own venue, it is also as if you are the producer, director, writer, and star of your own movie.

"When you are centered in your own venue, and producing your own show, you can be who you truly are without regard to any particular role. However, when you star in your own movie opposite someone else, or relate with others in any way... you are playing or manifesting a role in your movie, as well as a roll in each of their movies. Your roll in others' movies reflects back a part of them to themselves. To the degree you identify with the roles you play in others' movies, with who they 'know' you to be... you leave behind your true identity.

"For instance, you may identify yourself by your relationship, and say 'I'm married to so and so.' This is the same as saying, 'I have the role of spouse in my spouse's movie.' On the other hand if you say, 'So and so is my spouse', you are saying they are playing that role in your movie, and you are still not truly identifying as either them or yourself. But by the very act of saying it that way... you are manifesting those roles for both of you.

"The same is true in trying to identify yourself in relationship to anyone else, or by what you do in the way of work or play. 'I am a carpenter,' is not saying what you are. You 'are' Body, and one thing you 'do' is manifest objects or structures with wood. I know this sounds like splitting hairs, but you have been unconsciously giving yourself away, denying important parts of yourself every time you identify yourself as less than who you truly are, as only a role you are manifesting.

"You are not a role you play, either in your own show or someone else's. You are not something you do, and you are certainly more than a feeling or a condition, as in 'I am scared,' or 'I am well.' You are Body feeling scared, or you are Body being well.

"The flexibility of identity has been causal to much of the pain in Creation, and is largely responsible for the problems of fragmentation. And yet it is also an important part of the solution to these problems. Identity changes from moment to moment, and this movement between the parts of Self is a deeply unconscious function in most humans. Becoming aware in each moment of whom you are identifying yourself to be, the role you are manifesting at the moment, is a crucial step in the healing process.

"When you 'see' a beautiful vision, you are experiencing as Spirit, in the role of Spirit, and for that moment 'you' are identifying as Spirit. For that moment you 'are' Spirit. When you feel Will movement or emotion, you are in that moment the Mother. When you feel love and connectedness within yourself or with another, you are Heart, when you sense your presence in manifestation, you are Body.

"When you feel deep pain and compression and there is little or no Light, you are probably manifesting the Mother in Hell, you are 'being' her in Hell. When you feel love for yourself or another, you are probably being Heart. When you sense yourself as distant and judging, you are probably "being" Ahriman. When you feel hatred and wish to destroy, kill or suicide you are probably manifesting an asura. And if I may say it, when you feel confused about what to do, or what the Mother wants, you are probably in the role of Spirit, following the old imprinted pattern of trying to think our way through.

"But who is it that is being all these different parts of Deity, or of Self? Who are you when you are feeling like a victim? Probably a child part of yourself, or a lost part of the Mother. Who are you when you are feeling like a rescuer? Probably a different child part, or perhaps Heart.

"How about the perpetrator? Which part of you has been hurting other parts? It would be very helpful in the healing if you did not identify completely with any of these, because truly these are all roles you are capable of manifesting, and it is essential that you be able to do this.

"It is essential that your identity be flexible because each of the parts that are experiencing these things need you to manifest them, to 'play' them so they may express and move deeper into the experience of what they've been holding. And under each part of Self is a part of Deity who hopes to manifest through you. Your true identity is as a whole being, all the parts are you... no one of these 'parts' can finally be who you are. Just as the parts of Deity are fragments of a single whole identity, so are the parts of Self.

Body is the Healer

"One fragment of Deity, one fragment of Self is capable of bringing all the other fragments together into wholeness. One part of Deity, one part of Self is the Healer. And fortunately you don't have to go anywhere else to find this part. Of course it is the Human you are, it is Body. And Body is always 'here'. Body is always the most present and available part of you, and believe it or not, the most evolved.

"Body has presence in two attentions, your constant companion and best friend in the first attention, and the Parents of Creation in the second attention. When you are the Father and Mother in both attentions you are truly Body. And Body is not only who you are at your deepest core identity in both attentions of manifestation, Body is the Healer.

"Body is the Healer of Self and Body is the Healer of all Creation. This class will be about some ways you may better identify as Body in both attentions, how bringing the two attentions together empowers you, Body. And how with the firm intention of healing into wholeness, you as Body may experience all of your greatness, healing yourself into the whole Being you truly are."

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