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Finding the Will to Heal

Healing Class Lesson Four: Body

Introduction by Body

"This is Body, and I wish to acknowledge and thank Grandfather for his Light here with me. Welcome to lesson four of the healing class. As in Truth and Reality Class, I will be using both the first and third persons in referring to myself, Body. And we'll also be using both the singular and plural pronouns in referring to Body. Before we begin the healing class on Body, I'd like to share some new understandings about the Universal Feminine we call Will, the fundamental essence of Body.

"Manifestation is rooted in duality, so of course there are two kinds of everything here, including Will. Even though the magnetic, Universal Feminine essence is primal and ultimately unified, the Mother of all Creation—not all of her essence is really 'free.' Most Will is trapped.

"Only some of the magnetic Will essence is free to spontaneously move and create according to her desires because many of the best and most important parts of her essence have become trapped. Will becomes trapped when she opens to spirit that has an agenda other than to love and support the desires inherent in the Will. Light that insists the Will manifest something he chooses is unloving to the degree it differs from the Will's own desires, the real Will of Creation.

"Of the 'trapped' Will also, there are two types. One type is 'present' and known, the other is 'lost' and therefore unknown. Lost Will is trapped Will that has moved so far away from free Will and the loving Light that sustains her existence, that she can no longer magnetize herself back to the rest of Will. All trapped Will suffers, however lost Will has been hopelessly isolated and alone, and is deeply suffering.

"Will is magnetic, and actively draws to herself more of what is like her. Free Will draws more free Will to herself, and trapped Will draws more of the same to herself. These two types of Will have long been at odds with each other.

"Free Will has hated the pain, desolation and drudgery that has been the constant experience of trapped Will, and has sought freedom from this by distancing herself as much as possible from any Will that is trapped. The trapped Will has hated that free Will has gone off in search of more freedom, and so readily abandoned her, leaving the trapped Will to the mercy of the denied spirit that has been using her to manifest as he desires.

"Spirit is drawn to all Will, but Spirit has not been unified either. Spirit has already discussed his denials here. The most parental part of Spirit, the part called 'God' had fragmented into a cool, distant, observing and judging spirit known as Ahriman, and into a rebellious, hurtful and mean spirit known as Lucifer.

"At one point not long ago there was very little of the core, loving parental part of Spirit left in this Creation; he had denied nearly all of himself as either Ahriman or Lucifer. It's important to realize that only this central, core part of Spirit is capable of being truly loving to Will or Body. This is the part of your spirit that is aligned with the stream of grace emanating from Grandfather's original love.

"Only the parts of Spirit that have aligned with Grandfather, and therefore with Spirit's original connection with Will in Original Heart, are capable of being truly loving to the Universal Feminine, the Will of Creation. Only unconditionally loving Light can be helpful in freeing trapped Will. Since unloving, 'denied light' has trapped the Will, it of course cannot be used to free her."

Free Will

"Free Will also has two types. One way of expressing these types could be 'escaping' Will and 'parental' Will. Over the eons, most free Will has escaped being trapped with the rest of Will. Most Will essence that has broken 'free' of the main body of universal Will has done so by aligning with whatever light it could. Escaping Will has sometimes been called 'nonparental' or 'Daughter' in contrast to 'parental' Will or 'Mother.'

"Unlike nonparental free Will, parental Will is committed to helping trapped Will become free as well. The first of the Mother's three parental desires is the end of suffering. Most of the Will essence in this Creation has been suffering, beginning with lost Will, the most plentiful and deeply suffering. The next most abundant is the rest of the trapped Will, and then escaping Free Will. And yes, truly parental Will has been the least abundant.

"The issue of trapped Will is very important to Body, because most of our Will is trapped. However, most of our trapped Will is still present and not yet lost, as long as there is life. Manifesting life is the fundamental principle of Body. Once life is assured, the freedom to manifest as desired comes next, including the reality of eternal life.

"Freedom, or free Will has been in short supply here in manifestation, and has become more scarce as the power-over tactics of denied spirit in alignment with escaping Will have left more and more trapped Will behind. Reversing this trend is necessary if the healing work is to succeed. The way this can happen most quickly and easily is for free Will to choose to move from escaping mode to parenting mode.

"The essence of freedom is choice, and if true freedom for all Will is to be a reality, then more Will that is already free will choose to help free the Will that is still trapped. This principle seems simple and easy in theory, however it has not been so easy in practice.

"Will's nature is to be free and true to herself. In practice, Free Will that is true to herself is Will that must above all avoid becoming trapped. And 'going to the rescue' of trapped Will has too often been a way of becoming trapped. There is great terror here, and Body has had to bear the brunt of it."

Trapped Will

"Spirit has already pointed out that Body, all of manifestation—is a combination of Spirit and Will essence, and mostly Will essence. Whenever Will engages with Spirit to create something, she commits a part of herself to uphold that manifestation. The part of the Will that unites with Spirit in manifesting is committed to maintaining that manifestation in existence. This part of the Will is not able to choose another manifestation until she becomes free from what she is already manifesting.

"This in itself is not a problem, but rather a fact of manifestation. What is a problem, however, is when Will loses the ability to choose again. If she is to be truly free, she must be free to refrain from manifesting what she does not desire, and even to unmanifest what she does not desire.

"This is not presently the case, because there is so very little Will essence that is not already trapped in manifesting creations that she does not desire. Manifesting creations is not the only way Will can become trapped, but it is the most serious because of how much Will is trapped in unwanted creations from which she is unable to free herself.

"Another serious way that Will gets trapped is by guilt... which often says that it is more loving to do something you do not want to, or to not do something you want to. But it is not loving if it is not your free Will choice, without guilt.

"Another place where Will can easily be trapped is in the act of planning. Free Will decides to do something, be somewhere or with someone at a future time. This often works out fine, and fun is had in both the planning of the experience and in the experience itself.

"And yet the event is often not enjoyed because the trapped Will that must manifest this event is not the same Will that planned it, and does not really wish for it to happen, or prefers another time, or a different event for this time. Too often the Spirit-polarized free Will of planning has chosen to enjoy her freedom to plan at the expense of the Mother-polarized Will that has been trapped into manifesting it.

"This principle applies to any activity that imposes one Will upon another, in any way. Will is very magnetic and has a tendency to come back upon herself, and this tendency has been ruthlessly exploited by escaping free Will in alignment with Spirit, who until very recently had been encouraging that escape.

"Thanks to Grandfather's intercession with the Spirit of this Creation on behalf of the Mother and Body, that encouragement to escape has now ceased on the part of loving, parental Spirit, God—but of course is still going on with his ancient denials, Ahriman and Lucifer."

  Right Leadership

"Body has existence on many levels, and each level has its own understandings and 'rules' that apply at that level. The layers of human Body relevant to this discussion are (from the top down), spirit body, mental body, energy body, physical body, and will body.

"All of these layers of Body of course have some Spirit essence and some Will essence. The upper two, the spirit and mental bodies, have more Spirit essence; the lower bodies have more Will essence.

"A simple expression of these layers is Spirit, Body and Will. Notice the location of Will in this hierarchy, on the bottom. Doesn't this seem strange when you consider the importance of free Will in the general scheme of things?

"Yet the simple truth has been that Will, the true creator and sustainer of manifestation has not been free to manifest as she chooses. She has not been allowed to be parental in her own right. She's been trapped into manifesting what Spirit has determined worthy of manifestation.

"Prior to manifestation this was not a problem; in Original Heart, Spirit and Will were as one. Will's desires were Spirit's delight, and Spirit's delights were Will's desires. There was no hierarchy, only the deeply loving embrace of desire and delight.

"Here in manifestation, however, it has become huge problem. Spirit has not known what is best to manifest, because only Will's desire holds that knowing. And only Will that is truly free can know what she truly desires.

"Although this has been called a 'free will' Creation, the protocol for manifesting has come from the top down. Will has been trapped into serving the delight of Spirit, unfortunately with Spirit having very little understanding of the depths of Will's longings and desires.

"To make matters worse, most Spirit that has engaged in manifestation with Will in this Creation has been denied spirit, unloving light that has been contemptuous toward the Will he has used to manifest his delight. This is how you have come to manifest parking lots instead of forests, work instead of play and competition instead of cooperation.

"The problems caused by Spirit overriding Will have been with us ever since Grandfather and the Original Mother lost most of the Will that had been present in Original Heart. These issues are now present in Body in this Creation, and this is where they can be resolved, where they can be healed. Again, the principle is very simple. In the hierarchy of Spirit, Body, Will—what is below must lead what is above. Body must lead Spirit, and Body's Will must lead Body."

How to Free Trapped Will

"Here is the key to freeing all your trapped Will. First, use your parental free Will to help the present trapped Will get free. In other words, decide that you will be the Healer of yourself.

"Now with the greater resources and resolve of having more parental free Will, find your lost Will and help her gain her freedom as well. In other words, follow the Four Steps to Wholeness. And it's no coincidence that this is just the opposite of what 'everyone knows' is the sure way to freedom, lifting out of and leaving behind the unwanted, awful feeling trapped Will.

"There is a secret here, however. The secret to using this key is to find Body's Will, and help her become untrapped. This is a very scary prospect for many. What havoc might be wrecked in the world if Body could do just as Body wants to do?

"Spirit's fear of being engulfed and taken over by 'unreasonable' and 'capricious' Will and Body can be very easily triggered in you here. Spirit has very seriously judged against Body and Will whenever this fear has been triggered. The sentient essence has then become constrained and trapped by the defensive power-over tactics of the spirit and mental bodies who have not been okay with the power of choice not being theirs.

"Even the so called new age mind-body medicine makes this error, and in this way is identical to the science-over medicine of Ahriman. Body's Will must lead, if Body is to heal and become free. And unless you wish to spend the rest of your manifested existences in ever larger and better parking lots, your Will must become free.

"To understand the secret to using the key requires both a deep commitment to heal and a firm willingness to risk everything in doing it. Here is the secret, if you are ready. First, consciously choose to dedicate all of your free Will to helping free all of your trapped Will. In other words, will to heal, not escape. Second, take Spirit's advice, and drive backwards under guidance.

"When your conscious intention and your free Will are dedicated to healing into wholeness, and nothing else matters more to you—you are ready to take responsibility for healing yourself and all of Creation. When you are relying entirely on your Will and her right mate, loving Spirit for inner guidance, you are doing the work.

"And when you are no longer planning a future or believing what your imprints and conditioning have been telling you about what you must do and not do, or that you must protect yourself from something—you are doing the work.

"I now invite you to come here inside. Body is as near as the breath you are about to take. Stop. Feel into yourself for a moment, sense what is inside of you. It's not anywhere outside, it's right here, it's you. You are Body. You are Body, the Healer of Creation."

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