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Channeling Class Lesson Three:
Channeling 'the Folks'

"In the channeling on the Interview with the Folks page, We have asked you to connect with the two of Us inside of yourself. We are now asking the Channelers to describe how they connect with Us and channel Our inner communication."

Channelers: Channeling the Folks is very much like channeling Spirit, with this major exception: We first make sure we have a solid connection with the Mother, her most parental, healed part. We do this by imagining her as the Universal Feminine... behind us and beneath us, ready to hold us. Then we feel ourselves sinking back and into her, and feeling her warm, supportive embrace.

We spend a minute or so feeling into and soaking up the Mother's loving and nurturing feminine energy. When we can feel her, we know we are present with her. Then we look for her Light. The Light in and around the healed Mother is her spirit, loving Spirit. This is the part of Spirit that wants to be with her, on her terms. His love is such that whatever she desires, he wants too... because it pleases her. His greatest pleasure is in her pleasure. He recognizes that she is his Will, and he loves her for that... but more importantly he knows himself to be her Spirit.

The two of them are thus in loving union, him in alignment with her. Spirit is complete and grounded in love, and the Mother is free to feel and express and move in any way she desires, without fear of judgment. We understand that although this is not yet the case for most of the Mother's essence, some of the more parental parts of her are in the presence of loving Light and healed in this way. And this is what we understand to be the main body of the Mother, her most parental part.

Once we have a connection with both the Mother and loving Spirit, we say "Hello Folks," using the written channeling practice. It seems that Spirit is the 'voice' of the Folks, as we hear it inside. However, there is a subtle difference in tone, and we can feel the Mother's presence in the background of the information, drawing Spirit toward her as if she's saying, "Spirit, tell them this..."

It's important to realize that the Folks are always here. We don't have to go to them or try to 'find' them, they're right here, waiting for us to realize their presence. If you have any difficulty with channeling the Folks, it's a good idea to reread the earlier lessons and discussions in this class, especially Lesson Two. If you still have a question, and you are on the mailing list for the GodChannel Newsletter... you can send any questions or comments to us by email, and we'll do our best to respond in the newsletter.

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