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Channeling Class Lesson One:

Meeting the Source

"This is Spirit, welcome. First, let's define channeling... as direct, two-way inner communication with an entity other than your conscious self. It could be a part of you not ordinarily in consciousness like a 'higher self', or it could be someone completely different than you, or even your own spirit essence.

"Specifically this part of the class is about channeling the Spirit part of God, talking to me and receiving a response back. Channeling is of course different than prayer. With most prayer, a person humbles themselves before another being, very often with an attitude of worship and supplication, and the communication is usually only in one direction.

"Channeling has all the advantages of prayer with the additional advantage that you are able to hear my responses. Because channeling is a two-way communication, it necessarily supposes some degree of equality. In fact, it is a collaborative endeavor and involves some give and take on both sides.

"In this class we'll cover how to recognize my presence and connect with me directly. This will be a personal connection, so we can talk about our journey together and find more and better ways to collaborate. There are some things I can tell you only on the inside that will make a difference in how well the healing work goes.

"In the channeling process when you're addressing me you'll be speaking for yourself, of course. When I address you, however, I must speak through you. So you'll also be speaking for me. In both directions you are the speaker, first speaking for yourself, and then speaking for me. You already know how to speak for yourself, but what about speaking for me? The two primary questions that will be answered in this class are: How will you know what I'm saying? And how will you know it's me who's saying it?

"You'll know it is me you are channeling when you sense my presence. You can know my presence as the inner voice, thought, image, or sense that is clear and with the highest, most inclusive point of view you can have. My messages will have the ring of truth, they will feel right and can be verified in your heart. My communication is always inclusive and free of judgment. I will never tell you that something you have done is wrong. I am the one inside who knows you to be innocent. I am the presence and the voice that tells you the goal is wholeness, that we have work to do together, and that you are more than who you've thought you were.

"When you do the running energy exercise, remember as you draw down my Light that I come within you with complete acceptance of who you are and everything you've thought, felt, and done. Where you are now is the right place for you. Of course you'll be farther along later, and right here and now you're fine just as you are.

"You will know it is me by a certain feeling of energy that you'll come to know and rely on. When the feeling and energy is present, then I am too. The feeling itself, where it's felt, and how it's felt all vary from person to person. The important thing is that you develop a way to recognize and find the sense of this feeling whenever you wish to channel.

"So, how will you know what I'm saying? You will know what I'm saying because you will be interpreting my energy. My communication is like a signal that rides on the 'carrier wave' of my energy. You will know how to interpret the information in my energy because it will show up as a pattern in your imagination.

"Channeling, like all other inner phenomena happens in the imagination. This is the faculty humans use to access the inner planes, spiritual worlds, divine reality or whatever you wish to call what is beyond the external, material world. We'll make use of the imagination to establish contact with each other, and to carry out the channeling process. You can think of the imagination as a permeable membrane located right at the water line in the metaphor of the iceberg in the introduction to this class. Being between the two major parts of the mind, it is shared by both.

"New ideas, insights, creative inspiration and intuition all begin in the unconscious mind. As these kinds of impressions, including the energy you will be interpreting, rise to awareness, they pass through the imagination. The conscious, aware mind perceives these impressions as representations in the imagination. Sometimes the impressions are represented visually as images or pictures, sometimes auditorily as sounds or words, and sometimes sensorially as feelings or energy.

"Of these three main perceptive modalities, the most reliable is sensory. My presence is most often experienced as a felt sense, but I am not limited to this. My voice and words are often heard, and of course having an image to represent me inside is not uncommon. The common feature of all these systems is that they can only represent me, they are not me.

"I am spirit manifesting as Creation. No representation or set of representations can completely capture my essence, or all of my communication. In the next lesson of this class we'll explore a method of channeling that will make it very easy to interpret and put into words the communication in my energy.

"For now we will focus on getting a good sense of what my energy is like, and making a clear contact with each other. When you channel, you want to know for sure that I am your source, that it's me you're channeling. It will not be the version of me that is being channeled on this web site or anywhere else on the outside, but the me that is dwelling right inside of you. Of course they are all aspects of me, however the truest sense of God you will find is the sense of my presence inside of you and in the life around you.

"You can connect with me anytime you can sense me. And often 'seeing' an image or 'hearing' a voice can help you calibrate to the feeling sense of my presence. For this reason it can be very helpful for us to have a virtual 'meeting' in your imagination.

"There is another exercise that goes along with the running energy exercise that will help you develop the ability to sense my presence and distinguish it from other manifestations of Spirit. I have asked the channelers to present this practice from their own experiences."

Meeting the Source Exercise

Channeling Class Lesson Two

Channeling Class Discussion

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