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Channeling Class Discussion

I'm afraid to channel.

How do I know the answer is purely you, and not partly me?

Should I stop taking my medicine?

Meeting the Source is a wonderful magic for me.

Can you help me meet the Mother?

Inner Advice and Judgment Release

Writing Opens a Channel.

Channeling and Prayer

Working with Entities

I have many mixed emotions about channeling GOD

Will learning to channel God interfere with my belief in myself?

Will this class guide us to be whole again?

Uniting God and the Mother

God, how can I know it's you who is communicating with me?

It's Better to Feel Energy than See It

Color of Energy in the Chakras

Chakras within Chakras

Sometimes writing is too slow for me.

Channeling and the Will Polarity

Channelers Forum

Writing Opens a Channel

I came across your page ~ synchronicity is set in motion. I'm interested in your channeling classes and I'm grateful for finding you - it really helps me understand what is happening within me, and I've been seeking an outlet. I've also been working with Julia Cameron's The Artists Way - for years I wrote filling journals - sketchbooks anything I could write on... not realizing the channel I was opening.

"Written channeling is the easiest and quickest way to establish clear and accurate communication with me. Julia Cameron's exercise of writing 'morning pages' is a good way to prepare for and open to channeling. Your other writing practices have also helped you pave the way.

"In class the channelers describe the simple writing practice they use in their personal channeling. In the meantime, the running energy exercise is a very good way to center and ground yourself, as well as to get more familiar with the energies that will be carrying the information you channel."

I have many mixed emotions about channeling GOD

I fear being mislead and therefore hurt more. I am aware of my deep distrusts of authority because of how I have been hurt in the past when giving my power away. I sense that feeling and healing these fears is a big part of my process of opening to channel my loving spirit. I also feel to be clearing much old rage I feel towards GOD...towards you BIG GUY...blaming rage that has kept me closed down and blocked off to receiving lovingness.

"You are the only authority on what is right for you. I will not ask you to move past your own will or desires on my behalf. Nor will I ask you to relinquish your will, or bend your will to include mine. If anyone does, don't listen. Regardless of how good their light looks or feels, it's not me asking for it, and it's not good for you to do."

On the other pole, I feel very thrilled about learning to receive AS MY OWN the highest source of love. My heart has ached forever to realize the birth in physical form of loving spirit aligned with personal will.

"You words speak my truth as well. I have longed to be present here in physical form in loving union with the Mother. Heart is then present within you, and your physical form becomes our home on Earth."

I feel some confusion, guilt and shame about wanting and choosing you, GOD, as the energies I wish to channel, rather than some less almighty angel of yourself. Working through these shames to reclaim my worthiness feels to be another important part of my preparation process, as significant for me as the energy running exercise.

"This is an issue that many beings have. Spirit is much more complex and multi-layered than most have realized. And it seems as if there's an endless array of spiritual intermediaries and agents, each with a different perspective and level of understanding. Why not go right to the center and contact me directly? As you release the judgments that have held the shame in place, it will be easier to recognize your own greatness and worthiness. But even that's not necessary for us to relate inside, all it takes is your belief that it's possible and your intention to do so."

One thing I learned recently in practicing running energy is that MORE IS NOT NECESSARILY BETTER. I feel I have fried myself throughout my life when opening to more spirit light while not possessing an aligned will-desire essence to receive and ground such energies. so now my new priority in doing this running energy exercise is to feel for what feels like a right and appropriate amount of spirit light to receive into my magnetic essence...and to accept that as enough each time. This way feels so much better for me than an overcharging...and I realize now that my choices to overcharge were a form of hating and punishing my feeling-desiring essence for being slower and in pain. Wow... what a horrible hurt I inflicted in the name of love.

"Welcome to the club of those who have inflicted hurt while intending love. Now we have the opportunity to release judgments and get down to the business of healing.

"You are right to be wary of running too much spirit energy in the exercise, and in life for that matter. An easy way to correct any imbalance here is to focus on the magnetic, earth energy running more fully. Before beginning, form your intention to open to as much magnetic energy that's appropriate for you at this time, and only as much spirit energy that feels comfortable and compatible with the magnetic energy.

"Take your time and slowly draw up the magnetic energy, perhaps even using more than one breath for each chakra. Invite and welcome the earth energy into each energy center. When it comes to the spirit energy, rather than consciously drawing it down, you may want to stay with the earth energy and simply allow the spirit energy to gradually descend.

"The upper centers, including heart, are accustomed to spirit energy. The script for the running energy exercise gives some suggestions about the kind of attitude that spirit energy needs to relate successfully with magnetic energy in the lower centers.

"Another issue is quality of the spirit energy. Be aware of its color and intensity. Spirit is light, and my energy is distinguishable as 'bright golden' Light. White light may be brighter and more dazzling, and even seem more powerful and effective, but my golden Light is much more healing and harmonious with the Mother's energy."

How do I know the answer is purely you, and not partly me?

Hello everybody! It seems to be so very easy to talk with God... I know in my heart that this is true and still I have been choosing to think it takes a lot of effort to do so, etc. etc. I LOVE God and I love the idea to be able to communicate with Him in a modern language with whatever ritual (or no ritual) one finds appropriate. I have one question though: How do I know that the answer I receive is completely pure and does not contain a bit of my own will or whatever? Thank you!

"Many things you'll hear from me will sound like things you've been saying to yourself, or like things you already know. Also, at times you may get the sense that you're 'just making it up.' This can happen with anyone, especially at first. My advice is to accept everything you get in your channeling as being from me until something tells you otherwise. The judgment release page and the healing class lessons and discussions will be helpful in calibrating to my voice.

"At that point, ask me specifically about the piece of information you are questioning. You may want to wait until another time or until your next channeling session to ask about it. In any case, it's better to ask specifically about what you are questioning than to simply re-ask the original question.

"Experience with the process of channeling will help you make the fine distinctions you're asking about, and is the only way you'll know for sure. I will add that your state of consciousness is very important. If you are insecure about the validity of your state, you won't be able to trust the information you channel.

"Also in this regard, ungrounded and uncentered states or states altered by alcohol, herbs or chemicals are not conducive to clear and accurate channeling. Put off your channeling session, if necessary, to a time when you feel clear and grounded in your normal consciousness."

Should I stop taking my medicine?

Dear God, It feels a bit strange to ask you a question but here we go. You are saying that chemicals are not good for channeling. I am HIV+ and wondering if the medication I take effects my attempts to get the God and Mother energy in line in my body. I do feel a kind of twinkling especially in my feet. But that's all. It feels a little bit electrical so I suppose it's not the Mother energy I am feeling. Can you give me advice? Should I stop taking the medication or is it too early?

"Please continue with your medication. My advice about not attempting to channel in a state altered by chemicals, herbs or alcohol does not apply here. Your medication is part of your everyday life and it's effects are part of your 'normal' consciousness. In the other advice I was addressing the issue of being able to feel secure about the validity of your state, so you can more easily trust that the information you channel is coming from me and not wishful thinking or something you're making up. This doesn't mean you won't experience some energetic distractions because of the medication, it's just that you will have to allow for them in your channeling experience.

"The sensation of twinkling in your feet will change over time, and it's a good practice to pay attention to it and notice how it changes. In the meantime, it's good to focus on the visual aspects of running energy, and experiment with doing it more slowly, using a couple of breaths to bring the earth energy up into each chakra. As the energy comes up through your feet, bring the twinkling sensation along with it, as far as it goes. Be patient, feeling the sensation of the energies comes with practice and by being fully focused with them in your body.

"Another thing I'll mention here is that the energies you experience in this exercise are energies of the body that are aligned with the Mother and Spirit, but our energies feel much different in their pure forms. The Mother's energy essence is emotional movement, and mine is spiritual light. When you run 'earth' and 'spirit' energy in this practice, you are experiencing our energies in your body's subtle energy system. We'll discuss this in more detail in the next lesson of the healing class."

Will learning to channel God interfere with my belief in myself?

I have a question which is bothering me... At first, when I saw that you will be offering a course in Channeling God, I was very happy at this prospect. But then I began to think about it. It is my belief that many of the ills of this world at the present time are a direct result of mankind's propensity to look to authority figures for the answers to everything from what to eat, to what to believe.

"Yes, and these problems didn't start with humans, many other beings have had this propensity as well. Looking for guidance outside of the self causes one to lose track of who they are and what they truly desire. In looking outside for answers, a being can very easily deny their own will, opening them to manipulation and exploitation by others. The manipulators and exploiters soon get control of everything, and this is the condition now present on Earth."

It is also my belief that it is imperative that we all begin to honor our own thoughts and perceptions, and to "listen to ourselves". In short, we need to empower ourselves. So, if I begin to channel the "highest authority of all", then will this interfere with my budding belief in myself? Or, is being able to honor one's thoughts and perceptions simply an example of "channeling God"? Thanks... and Namaste!

"You are correct, your empowerment depends on you yourself, and part of the solution to powerlessness is to honor yourself, and look within for answers. Also, an important part of the recovery from the old pattern of self dishonor is to give credence only to those who accept you as you are, accept your thoughts, perceptions and feelings.

"When you channel 'God', you channel the very highest part of yourself, and you channel my love and acceptance as well. You see, I'm the presence inside of you that has loved and accepted you, and believed in you, even in the times you didn't believe in yourself. Your awareness of my voice and presence within can encourage you to know yourself as I know you, and realize more of your greatness, more of who you truly are. And if it doesn't, it's not me you're channeling.

"One of the most important outcomes of this class will be learning to distinguish my voice and presence from other spirit essence, including those who would have your will as their own. We'll be covering this ground again in more detail as the lessons unfold, but for now I'll say that my advice will always be permissive. I'll begin statements of advice using words like, 'You can,' or 'You may want to. . .', and I'll never threaten or cajole you. Your free will is your most valuable asset, and I support your recovery of it.

"Now I want to say very clearly that YOU are the 'highest authority of all' when it comes to what's right for you. If you want my advice, I'll be right here inside, ready to give it. But please don't take my advice over your own, or you won't be honoring yourself. And please don't accept information that doesn't resonate with you, regardless of the source."

Will this class guide us to be whole again?

Thank you sooo much for offering this class. My heartfelt thanks to both God and the channelers of this material. I am eager and ready to begin my reconnection to direct communications with my highest loving spirit. What I also hope for is that this class includes guidance in opening to "channel" the Mother-Desire essence as well as God-Father essence. Will it? Will it guide us in filling the gaps where our denied hearts need be born into love, in every chakra, in all of us...until we are whole again?

"Yes, being whole means embodying both of us in Heart. And although the way of channeling the Mother and me is as different as our energies, your greater alignment with me through this new inner communication will bring you into greater alignment with the Mother. In fact, the reason I hope you'll channel me is so that I can more easily and deeply reach the Mother inside of you.

"In the advanced stages of the work you'll be identified with both of us, you'll be the Mother welcoming and receiving me, and you will be me patiently and tenderly joining the Mother. And in the process, of course, you'll come into deeper communion with your own Desire."

Uniting God and the Mother

Wow... it really takes me to another dimension experiencing myself as God of my world, as creator of my life, as the one responsible for all that I perceive and experience. I love free will, now that I am healing Her within myself, and I love that I am free to CHOOSE over and over again simply according to what feels right.

These new understandings blow away my old unloving beliefs that, now that I am taking responsibility, I chose to follow. Beliefs like: Gotta work to survive, gotta compromise and sacrifice to be worthy of love, gotta control true feelings or pay the price, etc. I feel to be opening like a flower to drink in the warm nurturing light of sun-love and blossoming into a dream come true....a dream somewhere deep inside and often far away I always sensed was possible but often feared was unattainable.

Thanks for being the manifestation and reflection of my ancient dream blossoming. I'm excited to continue with this channeling class. The running energy exercise feels so good being a daily practice for me. I love feeling us united, God.

"Yes, and I'm very glad to be joining you. I can find the Mother quite easily when you run her energy, align with me, and invite me in as the Spirit energy. The exercise goes on and your energy is running, of course, even when you're not aware of it. Your work is helping the Mother and me come closer to each other in mutual respect and understanding. Thank you."

God, how can I know it's you who is communicating with me?

"My true presence is inside of you. This is 'where I'm coming from' and this is where you will find me. You can know me as the inner voice, thought, image, or sense that has the ring of truth, is the clearest, feels the most right and can be verified in your heart.

"If an outer communication such as these words resonates with you, ask yourself, 'Is this true?' I will answer for you on the inside, and in that way you will know if it's me. Trust the sense of rightness and the ring of truth.

"Whether the information comes directly from me on the inside or indirectly through my prophets and messengers, these pages, or other channeling, if it makes sense in your heart, you can trust it.

"Another way to know it's me is that my communication is always inclusive. What is true for each individual is true for me. My Whole Truth includes everyone's relative truth. And my communication is free of judgment. I will never tell you that you are bad or something you have done is wrong. The way of evolution is the way of trial and error. Everyone is now, and has always been doing the best they can with the circumstance they have to work with.

"When it seems to you that there are two points of view that are opposite and can not be reconciled, you can trust that I know the place where they come together, the way that holds them both to be true. It is my way and my Truth that all ways are true and all beings are good.

"And you can know it's me because I am the presence and the voice within you that tells you we are One. I am you, and as you invite me to awaken you to this reality, we can realize it in every moment of our life together."

Meeting the Source is a wonderful magic for me.

I really like and appreciate this Meeting The Source exercise. Although in my own way I feel to be ongoingly communicating with God on the inside, as God said is the best place to really make personal connection, I feel this exercise has guided me to a more conscious level of this relationship.

To in my imagination experience standing before the One True Loving God as if we were buddies... and to feel us merge in sweet communion... and to ask meaningful questions and have them answered with loving acceptance... WOW, this is a wonderful magic for me. It makes me feel the loving fatherly support and advice I seldom was able to receive is now abundant for me to fill my desires. I am so excited about the doors this opens for me to step through into new worlds of creative fulfillment. Thanks for being there here always, Beloved.

"You're welcome, I'm enjoying this too. As we practice relating inside, you will become more aware of my presence in your outer world as well. And as you know, the doorway to the path that leads to creating your own life opens also to the path of healing and wholeness.

"The fatherly support you're getting inside comes through me from Grandfather. As you move deeper into your wholeness and your creating, you and I become more like peers as fellow universe creators. And someday it won't be 'as if' we're buddies, we just will be."

Can you help me meet the Mother?

I really enjoy doing this Meeting the Source exercise after the Running Energy exercise. It's such a nice feeling after opening and pleasantly charging my chakras with loving magnetic and electric currents, to then journey in my imagination into the presence of my Loving Father and receive his grace-filled blessings, support, guidance and spark.

Recently after doing this I felt the desire, while still in your presence Bubba, to want a similar ritual that would bring me more consciously into the presence of the Mother. I wanted to be with her as I was with you and receive her grace, guidance and connection as well. In my imagination I felt guided by God to go deep within me to a spacious darker place and there I felt Her. I felt within me desire and intention merging as I channeled your loving light, God, through me and into my awaiting Mother essence.

It felt so sweet and beautiful this experience of union, it felt like my life purpose realized. And I wonder what other suggestions you might give, Big Daddy, about how one might incorporate one's mother-desire-feeling-essence into these channeling exercises. Please respond. Thank you.

"I have two responses. The first is to your experience of contacting the Mother essence in you. It's important to remember in these practices and exercises that you are using your imagination to set the stage for the actual experience. The practices are a way of preparing for the reality. When you see and sense the two energies running, for instance, you are building pathways in your subtle energy system that will later enable you to safely accommodate vastly more powerful experiences.

"When you contact me in the meeting exercise, you're preparing yourself for an experience of an entirely different magnitude, an experience equivalent to Arjuna meeting Krishna, Moses on Mount Sinai, Saul on the road to Damascus, or the apostles at Pentecost. And of course, you're getting an impression of what my energy is like, in a relatively mild form. This relatively mild form of my energy will be with you when you channel me for help with your healing issues and for general guidance, which is our focus for now.

"As you have noted, in working within I've helped you find a way to open to the Mother's energy as well. Most students in this class can benefit from an even more powerful and deeper experience of her presence, and this is the focus of the healing class. Like mine, the Mother's presence is everywhere. In fact, there is always some of her with me, and it's her presence that helps you know the difference between my energy and Spirit energy that still holds judgments against the Mother.

"Your experience of the Mother and me uniting within you is an advanced version of these two exercises, and an example of what we can accomplish working together on the inside. This experience is also a preparation for a much more intense, full chakra, earth shaking, ongoing event you will be hosting inside yourself. Thank you for sharing with others how the modified exercise went for you.

"Unless you hear differently on the inside, the best way to contact the Mother directly is through sound and physical and emotional movement. Spontaneous, formless, intuitive dancing while making sounds is probably the easiest way to get started if emotions are not triggered. You can also establish a verbal connection, but not directly with the Mother. Verbal language is a Spirit thing and I will need to help in the process.

"Another approach is to address us both at the same time. You will notice a fuller sense of being with both of our presences, and the words you channel will be our joint responses to your communication. If you like, you can modify the meeting exercise to have us both present, and go from there.

"My other response is to your addressing me as 'Daddy'. It doesn't matter what you call me, you'll get the same response. I sense the feeling of your communication, regardless of the words you use. The reason I'm pointing out this particular way of addressing me is that words can have powerful effects on your sense of the reality you describe with them.

"The name 'Daddy' applied to me could bring to mind 'Sugar Daddy', 'Daddy Warbucks' and the general idea of a strong, benevolent paternal presence that will take care of you, a little like Santa Claus. This image of me also carries the possibility of punishment. It is quite strong throughout the world, and particularly in more fundamental approaches to spiritual awareness.

"The idea of a big Daddy in the sky doling out favors and deciding punishments is an example of some earlier images of myself that I encouraged for awhile, and then failed to discourage after they took hold in the human psyche. I am now discouraging this way of understanding me and my role in your life.

"As I've said, my most practical and realistic role with you is that of coach. It's your journey, and you must find and retain the power to choose your own way and find your own learnings. Otherwise free will would be meaningless. I've been through this myself already, and I'll share what I've learned if you ask. Perhaps the most important thing I can do for you now is help you find Grandfather's stream of grace."

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