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Mother Expression

I'm Enraged!

Channelers' note: This contribution was received before the Mother Expression area was created, and the only presence of the the Mother's voice on the site at that time was in contributions from readers. God and the Mother have both responsed to this post, and the two channeled responses are linked at the bottom of this page.

Spirit, I have been cruising through the GodChannel and I am enraged. Who are these people and who are you?? WHERE IS THE MOTHER?!?!

This feels like before; Spirit, Body and Heart making plans WITHOUT THE MOTHER[!!!!], JUST LIKE THE FIRST TIME AROUND!!! Always leaving out Will! WHO ARE YOU!?!?

The things that people write to you and the things that you say all seem so sedate and subdued considering how much pain, how many denials and judgments are present on Earth right now. The way you all sound triggers me into such terror and rage (yes, I will go into them). I am terrified that there will never be a place that feels good to me as Will essence. You all sound just like the Angels did. What about expression of long held emotions??

What about the gap?!? What about Heart being DEAD?!? WE HAVE TO SAVE HIM IF WE ARE GOING TO SAVE OURSELVES!!!! What about the Father of Manifestation?!? WHERE IS THE MOTHER?!? -- My Mother's daughter

Spirit's Response

 The Mother's Response

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