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Mother Teachings

Thanks for Nothing

I am sure you will consider me just another raver. I am going to say it. I hate you god and I hate myself. You are not here to help. It seems you lied when you promised it would be different this time if I opened to you. What kind of a fricken promise was that? Where is the release you promised? I hate you for lying to me again and again. How do you even imagine there could be any trust when you just keep up your cruel ways. I am in bad shape, so full of hate and rage I feel like offing myself because I don't care anymore. So here's one your loosing but then again it was probably your intention in the first place.

"Daughter, please diffuse the light in your belly... the bright harsh hateful light that rants at you from within. We are here with you. We are not closed to your pain. I am so sorry that it hurts so bad you wish to be free... but my dear daughter there is no freedom through death. I have tried that, I have tried all forms of escape, I have hated and burned, and hacked myself into bits and pieces... you are a bit and a piece... and the pain is no less when it is broken off and alone. Real relief can only come when we can find our own vibration needs. I am within you... I am leading you toward healing, ask for gentle healing, and listen to the impulses in your own body for moving sound, and dance this pain through you... then soften the light inside of you and open its boundaries so that it cannot remain hateful within you.

"Underneath everything you condemn yourself for, underneath the layer of guilt that keeps all feelings from healing, is the experience of true heart... go back through all experiences to find the heart which is trying to express itself... even experiences of abuse and great wounding have a broken hearted pain in their center... returning and restoring heart brings relief. I have hurt you in so many ways... God has hurt you in many ways... and the pain of our broken heart did not allow us to see this for so long. We wish to love you now... we wish for you to experience this love inside of your own body, and through your own life path. Recover your own heart through searching deeply beneath the guilt which tells you, wrongly, you have acted without love... find your true self, and you find us there as well."

The Mother of Brokenheartedness

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