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Scarlet Woman


When Jesus said "this is my body... this is my blood..."

he was speaking about me.



When Martin Luther King said "I have a dream... for all of God's children..."

he was speaking for me.




When the tree fell with a silent scream,

it was screaming for me.




When you sacrificed the fatted calf, to entreat your God,

you were sacrificing me.


And when you struck a child in anger, you were striking me.








Without Form, I am chaos.


Without Light, I am dark.


Without Love, I am hated.


Without You, I have no heart.









Without you to see me,

I am unseen.


Without you to feel me,

I am unknown.


Without you to find me,

I am lost.



I am the Lady in Red, Scarlet woman,


I am the Mother of Manifestation.






Where you don't judge me,

I am free.








I am the Mother of All Universes To Come



that you will birth.









When you chose to join me,

you were born



and when you choose to leave me,

you will die.




Choose Life.







When you know your self,


you will know your Father, and you will know me.


When you know Us, you will know us to be your Self.







You are




much more


than you know.









I am called the First Attention

because I Am









And without the Father's attention,


the Second Attention,


I cannot evolve.



I cannot look into his realm


because I have no eyes.



I am the object of every glance.




I am the world of the First Attention.





I am the Body of the Mother


I am the Matrix, I make the Form.







He is the Light.


My desire draws him here

and Shapes him in me,


when all is as it should be.




But he has gone past my desire,





and entered me to pain.





My Matrix of Love has been torn

to shreds





on the tip of his silver sword.







This is what he has wrought,







in Your Body.








Will you help him now


redeem his denials,


so that he may help you bring me together?





Will you be the one who receives him


in Love


and lets him know every part of me hidden in you?







I am the womb, the ground,

and every moment is a conception.



What is being born now, as you read these words?






Will you give Form

to his Loving Light?




Will you Move

with my Desire?




Can you hear my Spirit?






Whispering now







across the seven Universes?







"Find her,"


said his Original Heart






"She is lost at the bottom of Seven Hells."


his Spirit cried in anguish.






This is Where We Are now,





at the bottom.







And yes, I Am This Hell.


I am the Lady in Red, the scarlet woman,


I am the Mother of Manifestation.


And I am much more,


I am the Mother's Body.







Look no further.









You have found me.







and you know it's true...




I am you.





I am just now awakening in you,


but my voice is so faint,


and still too thin.






Will you




for us?


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