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Mother Teachings


"This is Mother. To you who are listening here, to you who has come forward gazing into this fresh Light, to you who have been searching and struggling and wanting to know in your own right...

"I wish to now begin 'teaching' the sweet nuances of emotional movement inside of love, and inside of Body. This is a strange place to 'hear' my voice, I know. So I must tell you now through these channelers, my sweet one... and rough one.. and pained one... it is my desire that you first and foremost hear me within yourself... and may this outer reflection serve to help you find me and 'hear' me where I am most truly present... in you, and now most intensely, in your lower chakras... where my movement has been the most pained.

"There are lessons on this site from Spirit that now must be filled out, rounded into wholeness so that Heart may be reborn outside of Hell, may live inside of you, in your open and wondering Body. And this first lesson is a vitally important one for these times in the healing work..."

Allowing Heart to Stay Present During Emotional Movement

"I writhe... I wretch, I am twisting, and the horrors of past pain clutch at my weak Heart, and I fear she will be crushed... so I deny her away to be safely away from me and my pain and loneliness, my terror and heart break. I am instinctively a 'good' Mother. But I am wrong... we are wrong fragments of Mother. Will living in hope of healing, slivers of Mother who try to heal alone and hold this pain where it cannot do damage, we are wrong... for if we deny out our Heart while we move emotion.... then we turn predator... and our Heart, living out there away from us now, turns prey. We will unknowingly, unwillingly seek to kill Heart if we try to move emotions without Loving Light present.

"Listen, be quiet and listen to how terrifying it feels to move rage inside of love. Loveless rage feels stronger, more powerful, more able to protect, enact, embody, do everything we cannot do... if we keep rage inside of love. Yet rage cannot heal outside of love, our hearts cannot heal without their strong pounding force of loving rage...

"Hummmm... buzzzz your lips with sound... let the sound take a rhythm. And let your Will move a little, vibrate a touch... then pull a thread of golden Loving Light... open a little space, and let God's Love find that small movement. Wait and feel for true connection... wait to feel for a loving presence. God is waiting for us to open the door, the little portal.

"Hummmm, and sway... find the rhythm of the feeling, connected with Light and love, and let the swaying movement and the hummmm hummmm hummmm move your feelings, let your feelings move the hummmm, and remain connected to loving light. God wishes to connect with Me inside of YOU... and I am desperately waiting for you to open to him.

"I am tired of maiming and killing from within you in the name of 'Emotional Movement'... there is no real movement if it doesn't move toward healing. There is no healing in unloving attacks... there IS healing if real pain is met with deep love, and rage is met with loving understanding, and not gapped terror. And not from outside of the self, but met from deep within the self... there can be no outer reflection of love, unless inner presence of love is allowed, sought after, nurtured, and treasured. My judgment against my Heart is the second oldest wound in creation, and it cannot be ignored by screaming about the oldest.


"Repeat this when the first tremors of held emotion come rolling forward. It will move us along a much more gentle and loving path toward the wholeness and love we desire."

The Mother of Brokenheartedness

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