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Hello God. "Hello, how are you?" I'm well thank you. Haven't talked to you in a while, at least like this. I've missed it.

"I am always with you you know. We keep talking."

Thank you God. I am aware of your presence. The world feels pregnant. Are we getting ready to deliver?

"There is much going on under the surface. Yes, pregnant is a good word. There is a new world developing, growing, waiting for it's time to arrive. Yet there is still a lot of preparation that needs to be finished in order to bring this about. It is happening. Even in times of seeming lulls, there is work being accomplished."

What can I do to help God?

"You know the answer to that. Keep healing into wholeness. You're doing fine. All that irritation you're feeling is good. It keeps you moving and moving keeps you healing. Seems tedious I know, but this is the nitty gritty we're into now."

Thanks God. You're right. I am irritated. I don't really know why though. It just feels as though I have some sand inside my shell, kinda rubbing me the wrong way. Just not entirely comfortable.

"That's right. I want you to feel everything, every little thing. Comfortable can sometimes be the last thing you feel before you die. I want something different for you."

You know, it kind of irritates me that I can't just come to you and get some direction for myself. I never seem to hear you say anything I don't already know. I really wish you could just once give me something to let me know that you really are indeed in control of things and that you have answers that the rest of us haven't heard yet. Like the class on body. Can you give this information to me, or must I wait for the channelers to get it so that I can get it from them?

"Well, I think you already know what you are doing. And I think you are going to keep doing things the way you do them, regardless of any other information coming at you from anywhere else. You know your body pretty well, and you and your body seem to have a pretty good connection and understanding with each other.

"I would say, listen more to your body. Give your body what she needs to be happy. Try not to judge too much what that is, and also try to discern when it is your body talking and when it is your spirit or will instead. There are many ways to be and exist in life. What is right for you is what feels best to you.

"Judgments take many forms and they are truly pervasive. Keep working on releasing all judgments and before long you will see exactly how to be in your body in a way that is right for all of yourself and feels best to all of you."

Thank you God. Anything specific you want to suggest to me?

"Nothing you don't already know. You know certain habit patterns are not in your best interests, and you also know denial is not right either. You know what feels good to you and what feels bad. Now you just have to try and flow with your changes and allow your feelings about letting go of habit patterns to flow along with the habits that are leaving. It is this that makes you uncomfortable.

"The act of judging everything you are doing as good or bad is enough to make you crazy right there. My most important piece of advice would have to be stop judging and start living, and feeling, and being in the moment what it is you want to be and feel in the moment, and release any and all judgment you have around what that should look like and just be."

Okay God. Thank you. This is very hard to do you know. It is hard to get past the conditioning of accomplishment. Having to accomplish something all the time. Yet it is precisely this judgment that paralyzes me into accomplishing nothing. So releasing the judgment would free me up. I get that. It's just very hard to do cause there are so many judgments that crop up around every area of life.

"Tell me about it. It's not like I don't have some experience with judgment. But I have found that simply allowing things to unfold as people choose is working just as good as trying to force stuff. People will invariably choose what is right for themselves eventually. If you want to stay stuck in habit patterns, you will go where those patterns take you, and it will feel right to you, because this is what you have chosen.

"Free will does work, but I'm not sure people will really understand or appreciate this until they have finished choosing, and find themselves in the place they have created for themselves. In the process they will have ample opportunity to have chosen what really feels good to them, and so this is how things will eventually sort themselves out."

It seems to be taking a long time. But I am really glad, because I am not where I want to be totally yet, and don't feel inclined to push myself to get there any faster than I'm going. Actually, there is a part of me that feels impatient, but it is starting to calm down and get with the idea that it is just part of me, and that other parts of me have rights as well.

"Yes, this is complicated, this journey we are on, but we are making progress, and I don't want you to feel pressured to go any faster than you are. You will be able to adapt very quickly if that becomes necessary, so don't worry about that. Do try to have some fun in the process too."

Okay God, thank you. I have been doing that, and I feel it's important too. I get way too serious at times. I know it's because I really care, but it's also because I think I know what's best for others quite often, and I would appreciate your help with this. I would like to feel able to relax a little more and just allow and be and flow with things instead of always feeling like it is my job to somehow help shape events according to some master plan that only I seem to know about.

It is exactly this thing about some others that irritates me so much, like they have some superior knowing that gives them the right to tell everybody else how to go about this healing. It feels as though others are trying to usurp my power sometimes with this attitude and I know they wouldn't trigger this in me unless I was carrying this judgment as well. So it is within me that I need to go and heal this, and get into the allowing I say I'm advocating, yet really, internally I'm still trying to control things.

"I acknowledge you for this insight and I will help you all I can in this process. Free will, if practiced fairly and without judgment, allows all viewpoints. And all can coexist with each other when respect for others is practiced and there is no attempt to override anyone else's freedom to create whatever makes them happy. If you begin to concentrate on what makes you happy and create this for yourself, it will be far easier to allow others the same freedom. You know this already, but you have yet to practice it to the extent to which you are able, and in my opinion, ready."

Thank you God. Your help will be much appreciated. And any help you can give me to help me design and create my own happiness, or right place, will also be welcome and I feel, right on time. Much of my time in this lifetime has been spent trying to contribute something to the world which I have not yet figured out how to give myself. The right to be free and happy doing what I want. Be with me in this process and help me to release the judgment that it is selfish of me to contribute to myself first. I understand the wisdom of this mentally, but other parts of me are deeply imprinted with guilt around this concept.

"Thank you for asking for my help. I am with you at all times and ready to receive all judgments, guilt and pain that still need to be felt and moved in order for you to manifest your right place. My desire for you is for you to have all that you desire, withholding nothing from yourself out of guilt or fear. And there is still tremendous fear inside of you that says this cannot be, and this must be allowed to move in an atmosphere of acceptance, for you to begin to manifest at the level that you and I desire for you."

Yes, fear. My old nemesis. I'm tired of being fear ridden. I ask you for help with this, and in doing so, I am triggered into fear, for fear triggers are not pleasant things to experience, and fear moving feels really bad, or at least it has in the past. I am going to ask you to help me move my fear, and I'm going to ask you for something else. Once, long ago, when I was trying to heal myself of the eating disorder that held me prisoner for so long, I asked you to help me. I dared ask you to make it easier. I remember it clearly. Instead of asking for patience, or perseverance, or fortitude or courage, things I had prayed for in the past, I took the brilliant step of asking for it to get easier. And miraculously, it did.

It was then that I began to see how I had asked for the way it had been, and how I could ask for it to be another way, a way I liked better. Things didn't change over night, but I noticed a subtle shift after that. Healing didn't come so hard, changing my ways didn't feel so impossible. Gains were made with less effort. I felt the current change directions and start to flow with me, instead of against me. Once again, I am asking for this. Help me allow the flow and help me relax into it, instead of fighting it. Take my fear of doing this from me as I allow myself to flow, and let the movement be as gentle as the flow.

I release the judgment that emotional release of fear must be an excruciating process, and I ask for a breathing in and out of emotional movement that feels relaxed and gentle, so that I may fully immerse myself in my process instead of clenching. Help me unclench, by allowing the emotional movement I still need to be as natural and painless as is possible, by keeping your light so present and palpable that the expression of pain is simultaneous with its relief. I release the judgment that it has to be any other way, and open myself up to the possibility that healing can feel good, even when it hurts.

"This is wonderful judgment release and I am in full alignment with it. I will be and already am ready to help this movement, and working together I feel we can undertake the completion of your healing in this way as much as it is possible to do. I also agree that healing does not have to be as painful as it appears to be for so many, yet there is no doubt that some pain is going to be involved, as what needs to be released must be felt as it is leaving.

"The judgment around emotional movement is most of the reason that this healing work is so difficult and painful, so any release of judgment about how this movement takes place or what it takes to trigger it is going to help the whole process, and the more willingness one has and agreement about accepting and allowing the needed movement, the less forceful triggers need to be, and the less traumatic the whole endeavor becomes. "

Okay then, thank you God. I am glad we had this talk.

"So am I. Thank you too."

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