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Old Heart, New Heart

"This is Heart, and I am so grateful to those who have been doing this healing work. Thank you for opening space for New Heart to become more present in manifestation. I am now being born in all the places where you love your feelings, where gentle loving awareness embraces every desire and emotion and sensation, where Spirit in you is in service to the Mother in you and all your Will is fully honored.

"New Heart is tender and loving and able to know love's presence in every movement, every touch, every glance and every word. New Heart reaches out for love, extends love, opens to love, gives love, and finds love in the other. New Heart has no equal when it comes to the presence and excitement of being alive to love, alive in love and alive as love.

"New Heart as the manifestation of real love is now beginning to emerge, held in the loving embrace of the Mother, in the loving regard of Spirit, the two Creators in union are the birthing of New Heart. And this is happening right now, in deeper places perhaps than you have known.

Old Heart and Denial

"There are big differences between the old and new in Heart. Old Heart has been the blown-out wasteland in the ancient denial-filled gap between the Creators. Old Heart has that familiar feeling of heartbreak. It is what you feel when the person you believe is the love of your life leaves... or never arrives, and you feel as though you have nothing left to live for. As Old Heart you can easily see your life as a hopeless string of heartbreaks with no reprieve and no chance of ever truly having your Heart's desires fulfilled.

"When identified as Old Heart, there is a feeling of neediness and expectation like there is someone or something out there that will one day fulfill you, but that day never comes. You may feel like a helpless child in the house of hateful parents, and as much as you feel you know what would be best for them to heal their gap you are too little and helpless to do anything to help.

"Where you have been disappointed is where to look for the ancient denial energy that has kept Heart broken apart. Where you find Old Heart inside is where things are still not right with love, where love still doesn't feel right. Acknowledging the presence here of Old Heart will help. Finding and releasing any judgments or deep denial energy is the next step. Love infected with denial does not feel quite right and is not yet real love.

"When the denials are acknowledged for what they are and released as untrue, New Heart and real love can enter. With denial gone, New Heart can blossom in the atmosphere of true acceptance. Where there had been dismissal, New Heart's emergence is welcomed. Where there had been mistrust, New Heart is honored as the beginning of a new Universe where real love can be fully present.

New Heart and Real Love

"Real love has the quality of full presence, the exciting, feisty nature of the moment, the deliciousness of love first in self and then meeting love in another, coming together with other in a new knowing, birthed by the union of loving Spirit's understanding and deep regard for the sentient wisdom of the Mother, the rightness of the Mother's Will, and wanting above all to fulfill her deepest desires.

"New Heart has no need to idealize or invent a fantasy of love. New Heart is already everything dear and tender, here for other in true regard and wonder in the beauty and power of the Universal Masculine's authentic surrender to feeling presence of the deep, magnetic Universal Feminine. This is divine romantic love. With loving Spirit and the Mother uniting inside of you, you and your mate can each channel your inner union into loving relationship as whole female Body and whole male Body, divine union in manifestation.

"The shadow of divine romantic love has been the realm of Old Heart. Popular songs, romance novels and soap operas have given voice in the culture to the sad mystique of Old Heart. Popular dramas depict the ups and downs, the winning and losing. They display a mind-made version of love where the characters appear to 'fall' in love with each other... only to find some horrible lie or dramatic twist that has been hidden away under the 'love.'

"In healing Old Heart it's important to find the places in you where the drama has been enjoyed and pleasurable. There is lost Will here, along with its ancient denial energy. In releasing the denial energy and finding and vibrating the true desire of those feelings, New Heart is born in those places.

"Old Heart has been the story of the prince and princess who desperately long for one another and yet are separate, pained and heart-broken. New Heart is the story of the prince and princess together, integrated as one human being. Meeting another human being in whom the prince and princess are also fully integrated with all parts of Deity in loving balance is to realize Original Heart's vision. New Heart is loving Spirit and the Mother making love inside of you.

Divine Romantic Love

"If it is your desire to come upon another who is also hosting the union of loving Spirit and the Mother in this way, it is inevitable that this desire be fulfilled. You will not need love because it will be already fully present inside of you. Without needing anything, you are free to love the other just for who they are, not for what they can give you or do for you. Without any neediness, guilt or blame, there is only pure love, real love.

"Real, unconditional love has no opposite or shadow. And real love is not 'fallen' into... you will discover it kindled in you. It is awakened from inside of you as a tremendous self-love. Where your deepest desires receive your unconditional loving acceptance.

"Even the longing for another to share that love can be fulfilled by lovingly accepting the desire itself. Unfulfilled desire has been difficult for Old Heart to accept. As New Heart you channel loving Spirit and move to fully accept the desire just as it is, unfulfilled and all. As you embrace your unfulfilled desire for real love, you empower the fulfillment of the desire... and not just inside of you, inside all of manifestation as well. It is as if all of Creation is held in the loving arms of New Heart.

"You can feel the relief of your good grief now as you cry for joy. You can taste the richness of life because the Universe feels nourishing and fully loving. You know yourself as New Heart because you feel whole and complete in yourself... while experiencing the fulfillment of the deepest yearning in creation... to share and explore love with another. New Heart matures in you as quickly as you move to embrace and act on the fact that you are first your own beloved.

"When you embrace all your desires, feelings, emotions and sensations as your own inner beloved, the space opens for the magic of drawing another into your life as the outer beloved. Suddenly, miraculously he or she is here with you, entwined in your embrace. You find yourselves as two whole beings now in divine union as one. Kissing, caressing, curling around each other, you love and honor the manifested Divinity you each are in your essence. Songbirds fill the air with sweet music, flowers bloom and the trees sway in gentle breezes as all of nature dances in the warm embrace of your divine romantic love.

Original Heart's Vision

"This is the realization of Original Heart's intention in creating manifestation... to have peers, other whole beings to explore together and share love. The manifestation of New Heart's vision is also the realization of the Mother's Dream, where complete free Will reigns and all beings are realizing their hearts' desires in a moment-by-moment, ever unfolding and evolving wholeness.

"At this present layer of evolution you may still experience vacillation between Old Heart and New Heart. When you first begin healing you may realize that all you knew of yourself was Old Heart. As you heal into wholeness you will naturally feel yourself becoming more and more the embodiment of New Heart.

"You can come out of Old Heart using the Four Steps to Wholeness, bringing love to any place in you that has felt trapped in Old Heart. Allow Old Heart's imprinting to bring you the healing opportunities that you need to birth yourself as New Heart.

"Thank you Old Heart for enduring all of the disconnection and intense pain and suffering you have been through for the sake of love's evolution. The pain can end now... as together we create the real Heaven on Earth we have always longed for, as together we realize the Mother's dream.

"All your longings and desires have been awaiting their fulfillment. And now with New Heart, all that you have truly desired is becoming possible. When you are the Human who embodies the loving union of Spirit and Mother, you become both New Heart Son and New Heart Daughter fully integrated as Body. And with your mate in wholeness, the two of you are the culmination of Original Heart's quest for peers. Individually and together you are the Mother and Father of Manifestation. You are the crown of Creation, you are the manifestation of divine love."

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