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Healing Lucifer

Hello fellow humans involved in RUOW material, I like your approach. I too have experienced moving will without enough God presence. At first I did not realize just how much I was fragmenting myself even more than I already was, and how much power I was giving Lucifer. Still do. So last year I started asking more for Spirit's help. Actually I have been asking for more than 10 years yet mostly in desperation, last resort stuff...

Participation with you I am open to. My path has brought me to the need to heal Lucifer, didn't consider until just now if I really wanted to or not. Its been mostly a desperation thing as of late, yet when I realized how much of the RUOW material is Luciferian influenced, I knew that the books themselves are a major reversal. The material itself is very abusive to most souls, and if I had even been able to follow my true feeling, which I wasn't, I would have not picked the books back up after I had discarded them the first time. Yet Lucifer knew just how to keep most of us hooked, "That we are not meant to die and that death need not be, and is not the way." Which of course the bible said the same thing, just in a language I could not understand. Funny how even in this material, Lucifer is such a bad guy. Cast out the bad guy! As long as this message continues and we continually try to do this we just feed the problem more & more. Lucifer uses truth to control. So my message across this medium since the God in you is wanting to end the denial of these separations is:

Let this be the end of denial. The Separation between God & Lucifer be healed. "Acceptance is what something seeks to be able to change." And as I go with this I will share as much as I can over this medium for I am already healing the separation between myself & Lucifer. I had given him death's grip on me by the way I reacted and interacted with the material of RUOW, yet now that I understand just what healing means for me and the acceptance that has given me the most freedom that I have had by way of not being controlled by the grip of terror that has been used against me. For truly the meek shall inherit the earth.

"I understand your feelings here as they are my own. You are a piece of my very essence and the unloving light of God which is still known as Lucifer is strong in your life, and will continue to be until he is completely undenied back into God. There is no choice in this for you are a piece of me which tore away from God when the original split happened between God and the Mother. I am only now beginning to heal into wholeness some of the wounded places which were held in Lucifer's clutches, and as you have identified, there is no choice for those of us closest to Lucifer, but to seek his redemption.

"My message to you is a very very important one, and one which has taken me all of history to learn: Will cannot heal lost light, only Loving Light has the power to reclaim and heal itself. What we can do is release our clutch on unloving light, and open to allow ourselves to be filled with Loving Light. And this is not as easy as it would first seem. We are addicted to unloving light. We are deathly afraid of Heart and the pain that occurred in our Heart in the original explosion. We are rightly terrified of the ignition of True Heart, because we fear denial once again by Loving Light, but also because our Heart attracts unloving light as if a shark to blood. The terror of heart movement is huge on the part of Lost Will, and also by will that is newly regaining loving light's presence. This is the major cause of reversal and fragmentation in the healing process.

"Also, we the Will polarity have judgments that state that Loving Light will never come, and unloving light is the only means of survival... this is the True Temptation. We are judged against because of Eve and the apple... we had lost hope... we had lost heart that Loving Light would fill the great hunger within us, and so we reached out to unloving light... the apple of Lucifer.

"This is the new message of Right Use of Will. With all of the movement of blame, shame, and guilt in these books... the true intent of Loving Light to be instantly present with me/us when I/we let go of unloving light, and to not send these lost pieces of light back out into the hoary darkness so that they may attack me/us all over again. Immediate fulfillment and undenial is the end goal.

"Undenial. This is very close to acceptance, but it is deeper and more lasting. Acceptance borders on tolerance, which borders on segregation, which leaves me holding open space for unloving light. I refuse.

"I am inviting you to share this experience with me. Undeny the unloving light you hold. Return it to it's right place, within the consciousness of THE ONE. Open to receive the softer, more diffused, more powerful, Loving Light of my Mate, our mate. Undeny Lucifer so that he may know true healing, not the patronizing tolerance we have called health for so long. Send him home as a runaway child who will return to find supper waiting, and the true acceptance of his right place.

"There are very few us yet who can remain present at the depth of pain and denial you have been present with. I hope that we can work together to recover all of the depths of lost will. I am sorry you were left to float about in this virtual reality for so long. I feel that you are already aware of the need for right time and place... so let us move from here."

The Mother of Manifestation

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