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The Psychopathic Killer and the Mother's Love

"I want you.
Squeezing you tightly
Holding on for dear life
You are the only lover I've ever known
You've kept me here in creation
Letting me know that I exist
Without you
I would have exploded again
Into a million pieces again
You've saved me from that fate.

"I hold you oh so close to me
To keep you from straying
Keep you from leaving me
Doing your dirty work
Out in the spaces
Far away
From where I've been.

"I feel your heat
Your tension
Your hatred and violence
Your desire to destroy
I embrace you
Tense up around you
Engulf you
So we are one
I know only this.

"They've tried to separate us
Tell me that you're not good for me
Will only hurt me
They don't know you like I do
They don't know that it's because of you
That I'm even here
You're all I was given
To hold onto
To love
As my own.

"You would harm another
Your restless nature
Can't stand being captured
Conquest is what you desire
To find your place of rest
We are so alike
The unlovable ones
Being together
In this place where no other
Dares to go.

"I know that it's possible
For something Beautiful
To be born
Of all this contracting
Of all this holding on
To the ugliness here.

"Desiring to reach
The place in the middle
Where it all turns
Inside out
A new creation.
So pure and majestic
Born out of the ashes
Of the most vile.

"Through us, holding on
To each other
True love can be born."

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