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Lesson Four: Body

Becoming New Heart

Does Earth Lead the Way?

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Becoming New Heart

Thank you for this wonderful material. This material is necessary for deeper understanding of original cause. It almost seems pre-planned and even necessary that this information is being presented to us at this time, more than a decade after the Right Use of Will Original Cause I and II.

I still have some conceptual difficulties with the concept of oneness, heart or the pre-manifest. From what I could gather from this material, space and time are inherent in oneness. Is this correct understanding? I was always under the impression that space-time is inherent only in form.

"This is Grandfather. Your impression has been correct. Space and time as you know them are features of manifestation, and do not exist outside of Form. However, the impetus or desire for space, time and energy/matter were inherent in the oneness of Original Heart. When Heart played the original game of 'hide and seek', it was like an imaginative experience. A part of Heart was always aware of itself as the whole. The radical separation of Self that Form has enabled... permits true forgetfulness of this awareness."

I had always suspected that boredom and loneliness was possible in oneness, but this possibility was always denied in traditional Eastern teachings. I'm happy to have resolved this doubt. Thank you Grandfather.

"Yes, and true wholeness has not yet been experienced in Form. Those who have achieved a high degree of 'oneness' have done so without the benefit of knowing all of the Mother's pain. She has been 'transcended' along with Form itself in most spiritual practices on Earth, and not only Eastern practices. There are many denials inherent in any transcendental approach to Truth.

"The Spirit of this Creation has already discussed this issue here. The way back to Original Heart is not in transcending the Mother or Form. All of it, everything... must be found, owned and realized as essential to New Heart. All of the lost essence must be brought back home, and definitely not transcended."

So boredom and loneliness was the original impetus for Form!

"Yes. Form's purpose has been to find the healing for that profound loneliness."

Did Heart not foresee the difficulties that Form was to later experience? Did Heart care at that point?

"Heart cared very deeply. It was the last thing to do, after doing everything else, including, as I mentioned... exploring all of the possibilities of imaginative, virtual form. And yes, Heart foresaw the difficulties... and hated them. Heart also foresaw the devastation that would be caused to the feeling parts of Self, and knew that devastation would reverberate throughout all Form, and would eventually have to be healed... all of it. And Heart knew that there would be only fragments to do that healing work in the beginning.

"Heart felt deeply into this and realized that many, many times there would be a strong wish that manifestation had never happened. And Heart also knew that the desire for companions, for another... to share love... made this sacrifice of Self necessary, even demanded it."

Is there a similarity between the desire for Heart to fragment and the desire for some spirits on earth for suicide? Was there another possibility for Heart to resolve His/Her loneliness at the time?

"Heart did not desire to fragment. That was the problem. Heart desired to remain whole and have other beings like Heart present too. But without form, without duality, that was impossible. So Heart had two conflicting desires... wholeness and peer level companionship. Duality began here.

"After all the possibilities of wholeness were explored and known and appreciated, Heart's desire for companionship exceeded its desire for wholeness... as the one and only being. And yes, suicide is a reenactment of Heart's original sacrifice. But desire for suicide is not limited to Earth. Heart's self-inflicted wound set all of the imprints, in every Creation... for reaching out to the Void, and for opening to death. And to also mention... all of the imprints for aggression and bad intent.

"Unlike almost all other suicides, however, Original Heart's attitude in harming itself was one of supreme hope, and not despair, And no, Heart knew of no other possibility. Duality had already begun once Self was complete. But Heart also knew that the gaps of the Void would eventually be overcome and healed, and that death and entropy would eventually be pushed back and reversed. There are many judgments against suicide that still need to be released... along with all of the judgments that say entropy and death are inevitable.

So, if I understand this correctly, the Void is absence of Love, and the Void is part and parcel of Form.

"Yes, in that Love is all. The Void is the absence of anything and everything, and the presence of annihilation. On the other side it is the fount of Creation, it is what is just prior to Spirit and Will in manifestation. The Void is not exactly a part of Form, but necessary for Form, to existence itself... as the antithesis of manifestation. It is the essential counter-balance to existence, and it's presence is fed by its denial, just as manifestation's presence is enhanced by its acceptance.

The Void is preventing the fragments from coming together and reuniting as planned.

"This depends upon whose plan you're referring to. As the Spirit of Original Heart, my plan has always accounted for the Void, and for its function of separation. But the Void is more than mere emptiness. It is the source of all the gaps in Creation... which have caused all the Mother's pain... and the source of most of Spirit's frustration. There is great terror on either side of the Gap, as one draws near the Void. Because in the Void, or rather from out of it... comes the annihilation of Creation, the antithesis of existence. This makes bridging and healing gaps feel very risky, and in that way you can say that it is preventing fragments from coming together.

Is it still possible for this reunion to happen on a global level? How soon?

"Yes, the reunion will be happening here, and it will be global... and it will eventually include all Creations, not only this one. 'Soon' is a very relative measure of time, which is itself completely subjective and dependent upon the point of reference. It will certainly be sooner than later, but in the beginning it will be relevant, even noticeable... only to those who are directly involved."

I can't wait any longer to feel New Heart. I think I feel it sometimes when I do the running energy exercise but I'm not sure. Is there any other way to reunite? How can I know that what I'm feeling is New Heart?

"Feeling New Heart is the first step to becoming New Heart. And knowing that there is such a thing as New Heart is very helpful in beginning to feel it. Love, real love... is much different than you have believed. Real love has no shame, no guilt, blame or denial with it... it's balanced and pure, unconditional love of both Spirit and Will in union as Self. This is the most important understanding, and so far the least understood element regarding wholeness of being.

"New Heart, like Original Heart... knows that ultimately there is no other to love, there is only Self. Real Love is unconditional, full and complete love of Self... with no need for reference to other. And when there is reference to another, Real Love is given without need, or expectation of anything in return. Real Heart is present when the Mother draws my Light through your own spirit and through the Spirit of this Creation, the one you call God.

"The Mother's draw unites your spirit with God and brings the two levels of spirit into alignment. God is now aligned with me, unlike in previous attempts at full recovery in this Creation... so the Mother in you finds Loving Light whose source goes all the way back to me, Grandfather... the Spirit of Original Heart. Our Light is then recognizable to the Mother, and she remembers me and our Original Love.

"You can know you are experiencing Real Heart if you feel within yourself the connection between the Mother and Grandfather. This is One Love, the experience of Original Heart. Our connection within you re-members this bedrock experience of Whole, One Love as the Original Union of Spirit and Will, before our separation out of Original Heart. There is no guilt, no blame, no denial of pain. But there is the clear Loving Light of deep compassion and understanding, and the nearly overwhelming movement of a very great and very deep grief.

"Yes, the running energy exercise is a very likely place to first discover New Heart. And your practices with energy will gradually change as New Heart begins to take over the channeling of your energy. It is very good to allow yourself to be taught by this new presence of Love. You'll know it is right because it is without shame or guilt, blame or denial... because it is a kind of Love that includes all, accepts all.

"Original Heart knew that it would find itself again... but this time in manifestation. And Heart knew that now in the multiplicity of Form, there would surely be others like Heart... companions, other whole and complete beings with whom to share manifestation.

"And Original Heart knew that when it finally found itself again... there would be others too, peers with whom Heart could explore and heal all of the gaps in manifestation, and all of the pain they have caused... others with whom to explore all of the pleasures that sharing manifestation with another like Self can bring.

"Your practice of finding New Heart within yourself, finding yourself to be New Heart... is the first step in Original Heart's rediscovery of Self. The next step comes when you realize there are others who are doing the same, and they join with you as peers and cooperate with each other in the healing of the so far unhealable gaps that are causing the Mother's pain.

"If you find yourself facing intimidating forms, in competition with others, or find others in competition with you, you will know you have not yet completed the first step. But please go easy on yourself here, no one has done this yet... no one has completely re-membered Original Heart in Manifestation.

"Perhaps you will be the first. If so, you will very quietly become very powerful, and you will have gained all that power and greatness because you have had Original Hearts desire for being with others just as powerful as you. And you will have remembered all the pain, suffering and death that has brought us here, and you'll find both magically and miraculously that you and all your kind live and love cooperatively and harmoniously together in complete freedom. Original Heart's intent and the very nature of manifestation have made this inevitable."

Thank you all.

"You are welcome. And thanking 'all' is a very good way to thank. This healing will happen only within you, and only with the help of others. The work is a very large, common effort among many... at all levels of being. And in the end, it is all you. You are one whole being, and yet you are not alone. And this is the greatest of all the hard-won blessings of manifestation."

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