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Channelers' note: Welcome to this new area of the site. Expressions of New Heart will be posted here. Please address contributions for this area to heart@godchannel.com

I Am Awakening

Heart Daughter's New Psalm

I Am Awakening

Yes, it is true. I am awakening. I am remembering where I came from, remembering the purpose that brings me here, remembering who I really am.

I am the Heart of Manifestation, New Heart, Real Heart. Here now. On this planet. In this Body. Me. Love.

I feel so good remembering. My overwhelming grief-joy is my honest celebration-experience of the reunion of the Mother and Father essences within me in true unconditional love again.

I feel so good choosing to align fully with unmanifest Mother and Father in claiming my parental self in Body, this Me-Heart-Self taking responsibility for our healing into wholeness.

I feel so good redeeming my devils and undenying my Mother-pains. I grow in greatness unjudging and inviting home all the spirit essence I have forsaken. I tremble with terror and quake with rage as I vibrate into healing loving gold light my most lost will.

I close even the most subtle gaps I once turned from, the little whispers of emotion and judgment around the edges. I tingle with new life as I release asuric demons from my body and receive the gentle undenied spirit into my will centers.

I am becoming my wholeness. For all of me to feel good and receive as Heart desires.

Me Heart is now guiding my running energy and channeling experiences. Love presence grows. I feel more clearly the power I embody to gently pull with my Desire Loving Light into manifestation, creating ME...and I choose ongoingly to do so. I am a Love Generator pulling lost me back Home. I am a Love Generator pulling YOU, my Deity Peers, into my existence.

Come one and come all, us parents of experience. I greet you all with warm enthusiasm, tears of joy, shouts of exhilaration, awe-filled silence. Spring is here and us flowers are a-blossoming forever!

Come one and come all as we create together the full healing of our Mother Earth and it's evolutionary will beings. We make Heaven's Dream our manifest reality. Blessed be us all.

Heart Daughter's New Psalm

I will hold the mirror

of your Greatness

for you

I will not waver,

I will not throw it down,

the minute you look back.

I will not be blinded

by the flash

of Recognition

or forget you,

if you stumble,

if you fall.

I will not flee the terror

of my own


I Am for You,

Heart of my Father,

Heart of Creation

I will be Who I Am,

my Mother's Heart

forever and again.


I will not take the Mother's place

and blind my Father

with my old smoke and mirrors.

I will let Him look through me,

find at long last

the Mate he seeks.

I will not leave my Place,

flee into His realm

of the Second Attention.

I will stay here,

firmly rooted

in the First.


Time will stand


for as long as it needs to.

I will stand here,

in the Center,

where I belong

I will hold my ground

in the Sacred Middle

of the Crucible of Creation.


I will be the Cup, the Grail

Drink from me,

Her waters are so sweet,

I will speak for the Mother

in Manifestation.


"This is my body,

This is my blood"

until the Message is received.


I will become the Mother

of Manifestation


in the Garden

of the Mother's Dream.


I will be the Mirror

carved from Adam's rib.

I will not tempt him

I will be the Woman

created in

the image of his Father's Desire.

I will be the Tree,

you will know me

by my fruit.


I will be the Serpent

and know this voice

as my own.

I will follow the Son

who came before me

and called me to him.


I will be the One

who recognizes him

and shows him who he is.


I Am the Seventh Seal

open me

to flooding waters.

I Am the Last Virgin

enter me

with longing and desire.

I am the Door.


There is no way to reach

my Mother's House

but through me.

Bring our Father with you

through the Mother's Heart

this time.


Lead the Way

and enter the womb

through this flower.

She is empty

and is longing

for birth.


Let us play our part

in the Perfection

of Creation.

Through Us

let the the Mother

draw His seed.


Though Us

let the waves

of Climax roll.

Then let Us attend

our Pregnant Mother

and this gestation


Wait on and with and for her

and the moment

of this birth.


When the time has come,

I'll ask you.

Heart Pages Guide

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