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A Letter from God
to Those Doing the Healing Work

"This is Spirit, and I wish to speak to those of you who are doing the healing work about some of what is immediately ahead, as well as more in the distance on the road to wholeness and the completion of the healing. Some of you are closer to the wholeness of your own being than you may have realized. And as you get even nearer, it may seem to you at times that you have been going in the wrong direction.

"At times your experiences as you approach the threshold of greater wholeness will likely seem to be complete reversals of all you have done in the healing work. It will seem that the entire Universe gaps or splits from you, and becomes oppositional to you. Where you once believed yourself to be only good and righteous, you will find your goodness has also had its shadow. This pattern of owning all of who you are, both the light and dark, will apply at each 'gate' or 'threshold' you must pass through as you near the end of the journey home.

"There will be great darkness for you in these times, and I want you to know that 'this too shall pass.' You are trusting that the Universe is good and operating correctly, that the Mother and I will be here and catch you as you fall backward. And this is so, we surely will.

"Yet those who are successful in the final phases of the healing work... will be so because they will have had a contingency plan that enabled them to complete the final steps of the healing... without the need of divine support or guidance. They will be able to move through the darkness with a certainty of purpose that in itself will carry them over the last few dark steps of the journey.

"As humanity begins to fulfill its destiny some of you will be embodying divinity here on Earth, as Bodies that will endure and thrive for eternity regardless of what form you may choose from time to time. However, in order for this outcome to be possible for you, you must choose it completely, from your own free human Will. You will be empowered to do this once you have decided that the journey to your complete wholeness is your life's purpose, and when you know it as your deepest desire."

'The Train' Metaphor

"Before I say more here, I wish to share a metaphor with you. It is as if all of humanity is waiting in a train station—for a very slow train that seems to never come. This train will take you all to your salvation, some glorious promised land, or so it is rumored. But most of those waiting at the station have long ago given up on any real train, at least in their lifetime. So they have found ways to make the waiting feel worthwhile.

"Many are raising families so there will be others to continue on their behalf. Some are playing games in the video arcade, or busy with the business of improving conditions in the station. Others are reading and talking, telling stories and taking notes. And of course most everyone is keeping busy doing something to pay the rent on their part of the bench in the station.

"Among all the waiters is a small group of 'seekers.' These are people who feel certain that a train will indeed be coming soon, and they are out actively searching for it. Most are organized behind leading seekers who they believe have good maps and directions and formulas. All true seekers have dedicated themselves to a life of seeking, and not just waiting.

"However, there is a third group, unknown to the first two groups. This group I call the manifestors or 'makers.' The makers are former seekers who had been seeking long enough and hard enough to realize that the train won't come unless they manifest it. And they have dedicated their lives to making it so, that indeed the train to the Mother's Dream does come. Among the makers of humanity are those of you who are doing this healing work, and in the process manifesting your own healing into wholeness, and by extension, the healing of all Creation.

"Eventually there will be many Humans on Earth each embodying the Father of Manifestation and the Mother of Manifestation as they realize the intention of Original Heart. And they will not be competitors, they will be cooperators, collaborators and allies. They will be allies because each of them will recognize the value of having peers, true friends who have also realized their own wholeness.

"And these whole Humans will choose the values of wholeness, cooperation and equality of Being over the values of superiority and the power-over paradigm that superiority and belief in hierarchy have held in place. When the fundamental gaps in the Heart of Creation are healed, there will be no superiority in manifestation, no hierarchy. There will be only greatness and grandeur of Being for each Human manifestor, for each maker of their own salvation."

Toward More Wholeness

"You will experience a great increase in personal power as you near wholeness, and there may be a temptation to assert yourself and your rightness against the power structure around you. But this will be unnecessary, and for the first few of you, important to avoid entirely. You will be able to 'slip through the cracks' of the matrix of the dominant power-over paradigm on Earth because you will have nothing to say and nothing to prove. What has been happening in yourself and in your immediate peers in healing is the only proof you'll need.

"As you approach wholeness you begin to notice a marked increase in synchronicity and deeper meaning in the events of your life. And as you look back, you will see your life as a path that has been leading inexorably to your own greatness as a whole Being. You will find you have new understandings of your true identity, and a sense of yourself as a mythic figure.

"Many of the events in the last book of the Christian bible as well as the other prophecies of the end of time will begin unfolding around you in your venue, and you will know yourself to be causal there. Sometime later these same events will unfold, in different ways, for everyone else on Earth.

"Those of you who find enough of your wholeness to embody both Spirit and Will as the Father and Mother of Creation will eventually find yourselves on a nearly virgin Earth, without the need or care of Ahriman's technical aids as substitutes for your living, moving, manifesting Will. You will have full powers of manifestation and easy, natural abilities at true magic.

"Eventually you'll even have the ability to change form, as your essential Self endures in manifestation forever. You will have two newly acquired freedoms as well. First, to be together with others as peers in a neutral venue of true personal freedom, deep love and great beauty. And second, either alone or with peers of your choosing, you'll have the freedom to manifest your own independent Creations as fully empowered Creator Beings.

"Each seeker will eventually find what they were seeking, and although much of that may not look good to you, it will be what is right for them and what they desire. The waiters will either continue waiting, or become either seekers or makers. As the Earth changes, each group will find themselves in separate realities and on very different-seeming Earths.

"Even though they are deeply loved by the Mother and me, those who are simply waiting will eventually run out of time on Earth. However, their departure via death, and what they leave behind will not seriously impact the realities of the makers, or of the seekers who eventually find the gifts of the makers. All of this will happen over enough time that even the most serious Earth changes will cause no harm to those who embody wholeness.

"Those of you who are soon to become whole need to know that all you have dreamed will come to pass, and much, much more. However, there is a point where you will need to take a big risk, to make the leap of choice. You will either choose to embody divinity, and all that this implies, or die trying to avoid it. The terror of actually becoming who you truly are, and the terror of that choice—more terror than you have yet known, will be moving in you as you approach the point of no return.

"First and foremost, remember, you are safe. You are. It is that simple. You must trust Us here, because tightly holding the terror is the only other choice. And this terror, like all terror, must be opened to so it can move in you, if the Will is to be truly free. And yet it is not the Mother and I that you must trust in those final moments, it is you yourself.

"You must truly trust yourself to do what only you can do, to embody divinity on Earth in the ways we desire to manifest here. Only you and your peers are capable of completely realizing Original Heart's most fervent desire—to be fully present and whole in manifestation as Body, with a lover, friends and peers, each Human fully embodying Spirit and Will in ecstatic union as New Heart.

"Beyond honoring, accepting and moving all held emotions and the Will essence that underlies them, besides moving all that is necessary to recover all of your Lost Will, there are two additional secrets of success in this healing work. The first secret is the second step of the four steps to wholeness. That is to drive backwards under the guidance of the Universal Feminine and myself. Allow life to bring you what it does, knowing that whatever comes to you in this way will be just what you need in the moment to bring you closer to the wholeness you have chosen in the first step.

"The second secret is to be ready to lose Our support temporarily, and then continue on anyway as you follow your own free Will home to your Right Place. Of course there is much important nuance in this work, and those who are working on the inside with the Mother or me, or Us both will continue to get the detailed guidance we have for you, when you ask. And I would like to say again that the channeling on this site or elsewhere in the outside world is not meant to replace your inner contact with Deity, but rather to help support and strengthen Our voices within you."

Channelers update: The above material was channeled in August of 2000. There's been a lot of 'water under the bridge' since then, and now in February of 2017, this page is open for questions and comments...

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