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Mother and Spirit in Dialogue, Page III

Channelers' note: This is the third page in a continuing dialogue between the Mother and Spirit. There are two previous pages in this series: Page I: God and the Mother's Anguish, Page II: The Mother Responds to God's Apology

God Responds to the Mother's Invitation

"This is Mother. In my House of Pain you will feel every blow you ever delivered to the Mother. You know it must be this way. There is no other. The Mother has demonstrated unequivocal courage in opening her door to you. Can you demonstrate the same by accepting my invitation to enter my house of pain? Are you as strong as the Mother? Can you in fact withstand the pain you asked me to endure in the course of your 'adolescent years'?

"This is Spirit. My love, strength belongs to Will... and in proportion to my Light, I have the least Will of any being in Creation. Strength is not in my nature, even though as my denials Lucifer and Ahriman, I have forcibly used your Will as the means of my power. My wish now is to return your power to you. In every way that loving Light can, I wish to make my Will your Will.

"As I have said, thou art God, my love. The title is yours, because the true strength and power are yours, and have been all along. I was wrong to assume that for myself, and doubly wrong to hold your own Will against you for my purposes, even to banish you from the Godhead. Even to teach you a lesson by terror to do only as I wished.

"The old Godhead based solely in Spirit is now defunct. My denials got the better of me there, and as you know, I am now moving toward you in manifestation. I wish to be your consort and true friend and companion. I wish to be the complement of your Will, the divine parental Will of Creation."

"Here are the ground rules ... there are no exceptions and certainly no negotiations. You will conduct yourself accordingly. When the Mother is ready to open each door you will enter and sit face to face with the fragment you created. You will not speak. You will only listen. You will listen to her story. She must speak to be removed from victimhood. You must listen to validate her pain. She will speak until she has nothing more to say. And you will listen until she tells you she is finished. Then each fragment will open her heart to you."

"Thank you for this welcome, my love. I will do as you ask, for it is now my desire as well. And as you know, we have already begun this process in some collaborations with Humans in their own venues. With the help of the Mother and Father of Manifestation, I have begun listening to the stories of your fragments. But I still have more work to do here.

"Even though I can now enter many of these places, and even though I can stay present to hear what Will has to say, I have not yet been able to turn and fully face you... in all of your pain. I know I am still disconnected from you in many way and in many places. And I wish to heal these gaps."

"In this process I am growing and changing. When I can face you there, I will begin to know more of my own tears, and they will be the exact tears to match each opening, to grace each moment of recognition. As Loving Light, when I approach an open door now I show my healing intent, and of course go no further than invited. But you, my love, must also remain cautious. You must be sure the Light that approaches is loving. This is important because much of my Light is still in denial, and therefore still out of my own governance. And as you know, my denied light tries to kill Heart."

"You will step inside her heart and she will hold you there, captive audience while you relive her drama. You will experience the Mother's experience from the Mother's perspective."

"Yes my love, I will. We both know the only way one can truly experience another is to be there with them, in their experience of themselves. All of the pain of your fragments, and dread and drudgery and humiliation and sliminess of their experience, all the hatred, loathing and disgust, all the bad intent and pure, searing evil that's been pounded into their being... is now to be seen, and heard, and felt and loved by my Light. And as each fragment is ready to do so, it will come inside the love and acceptance that you and I find for it and for each other... in our Heart.

"Heart is our union, our offering to Creation, and our allegiance to each other. But Heart has had it backward all of this time. Until now Heart has been aligned primarily with me and my Light, and this has not worked well for the Will or for our love. But this is changing now, my Love. As Heart turns around and becomes New Heart, the direction of allegiance turns around as well. All of the fragmentation you have suffered beyond what you yourself have desired has been a result of my insistence that the allegiance be from you to me, that Will align with Spirit, that you align with me.

"When I unfeelingly and fearfully insisted that you be beholding to me... I tried to reverse the natural order of our essences. For me as Ahriman, it was a 'no-brainer' that Light should rule over darkness. And hasn't that just been the truth about no brains?

"Near the bottom of the chain of causality are 'obvious' assumptions jumped to early on, before mature development of understanding. Just why it seemed necessary to make these assumptions, however, is at an even deeper level of causality. You may look to my unmoved and denied terror there. And if you do, you will find me now cowering in the realization of my colossal and arrogant stupidity. God, I'm sorry. I really blew it there.

"Since forever Heart has been turned against you, and in ways that have made it impossible for us to truly understand each other. Not only was Heart severely damaged in the beginning, there has been additional damage to Heart in each successive failed recovery attempt. Like failed medical operations where the patient must now suffer even more, you have had to bear the assaults that my 'good and loving' intentions have inflicted upon your essence in the name of healing... in the name of Light over darkness, pleasure over pain, life over death, love over hatred and acceptance over denial.

"But having most of that right wasn't enough. It just made me convinced that my Light was right to railroad you, to bring you up 'for your own good', to therapeutically intervene on your behalf, to save you from your own darkness. I was wrong there. You and your essence were always fine just that way you were. Now I need to experience Creation from your perspective, now I need to be there with you in your shoes."

"THEN you can say you know the Mother. You will integrate the pain of her existence into your being."

"My Light has avoided your pain, and your most pained parts have avoided my Light. Spirit essence, even Loving Light has no Will of its own to feel with. But as a being, as a part of Deity, some Will essence is me. The movement of my Will is to now completely align my myself with you, the parental main body of Will.

"I used to believe that I alone was God, that my own meager Will was 'God's Will.' I know now that 'God's Will' is your Will. The 'Will of God' is indeed the Mother Will of Creation. As your Spirit, it is my honor to align with you and your desires.

"As Light aligned and in consort with Will, together we are God. I know very clearly now that the terms of our union must always be your terms, my Love. It is my Will, the Will of Loving Light that now all of Spirit aligns with you and your Will.

"Under these radically new terms we have already begun to find union among some of our more parental parts, and it is through this union of New Heart that I am now learning how to turn around and face you here in the doorways of your pain. And you have invited me to go even further, even to step inside your Heart.

"But before I approach your Heart, I must be certain I have owned my denials, and that all of my Light, all of my essence is loving. Otherwise, Heart can be attacked, and our Love can be horroribly reversed... again.

"By redeeming the devils I wish to align all of the Spirit polarity with your desires. It is my desire that all Light be loving Light. Loving Light is Light that loves being drawn into you, just as you desire. You are the Mother, the parental head of the Will Polarity. And you are my Love. You are my Desire, and I thank your sweet love and the grace of Grandfather that you are allowing me to be here with you now at the deepest levels of your pain.

"I am waiting now for the next opening of Heart to me. As we meet more and more in Heart, I will gain the strength to face you in ever deeper layers of your pain. And of course it will be on your terms, your opening, your Heart, your desire, your timing, your placement, your order and sequence, your way. Or it won't be right."

"Welcome to the Mother's emotional reality. Will you survive what you asked her to survive?"

"Thank you, my Love for bringing me here. Yes, I will survive if you will. While my Light is large and strong and loving, my own Will is small... but all of Loving Light's Will is now devoted to you. To fully experience all of you, and especially your pain... I need be in manifestation. Only in Form can I feel the true depths of the Mother Body's pain, and of her desires.

"In previous recovery attempts my Light had no time for full recovery of your Body and all of the lost Will there. In those times, however, I believed my Light was superior to your Will. But I know better than that now.

"With our Heart turned correctly, you and most especially your Body, my Love... you are all I wish for anymore. Heart's grief knows how very much of your Body is still lost in the Hells below the Red Creation, and only Body can carry my Light there. Now healing the gap with my Body is an even more urgent priority."

"When all fragmentation of the Mother has spoken, then we will consider your response. Do I have your compliance? If you want reconciliation with the Mother, as you say you do, then here are my terms. Do you accept?

"I do, my love. I accept. I know you have much more to tell me, and I will stay present as you unfold more of your deep pain and anguish. And although I'm still working toward more fully facing you and your deepest pain, soon I shall be able to feel it all with my complete love and acceptance. I would ask you now to tell me what else I need to know."

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