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Please Help with the Pain & Terror

Hello there Mother, if you feel anything like me you must feel horrible in places. I'm glad we're getting some healing light. I didn't realize it but I am really afraid of the mixed light I've been getting because of the giant reflections I've been getting that also contain Satan and Lucifer (not always noticeable till much damage is done). I'm trying to revel in the increase of vibration and healing that is occurring in many places but it seems to set me up for terrors that are not only powered by my denials and hatred but also highly charged gaps of God's and Grandfather's denials, and asuras to boot.

Sometimes it seems I'm dealing with twenty or more than double that at a time. Government people are threatening and plotting to declare me insane. I'm trying to locate and release judgments but the great body and emotional pain keep driving me semi-conscious and very vulnerable to these fast moving, highly powered attacks.

I'm scared, tired, horrified and feeling on the edge of giving up. It's been hard to keep financially and energetically empowered although I feel that you and God have been helping with that. Your meetings feel great in my body and I'm afraid I might drop the ball, so to speak.

My granddaughter is being held by social services and I won't even try to describe the things I've felt and seen from that. She's being held hostage so that they can get to me. I know this so deeply. They want me to stop vibrating Mother, along with my whole big-Willed family. Dead dead dead. More implants please, a whole round for the house.

I want to take this time to thank you for everything you've done for us and ask your forgiveness for any pain damage death I've caused you. I can't deny I've seen much on many levels. And I'm horrified shame ridden over the things I've seen done and felt.

I would like you to see if God would look into these huge gaps which include the strangulation death of my best friend's baby. And see if he and Grandfather can preen this task for me because I've tried and tried and some things just don't move or heal. I suspect bleed through from Grandfather's creation. Please help. And once again thank you.

PS I love the pictures you send me . I learn and perceive best that way sometimes, most of the time.

"Child of Original Heart, there is so much around you which is terrifying to you and to myself as well. There is much movement to do, and much healing that is needed. Danger is close, and you are trying bravely to move emotions in the face of this danger.

"This has been very helpful to your Will, and I am grateful for all the vibration you have been able to create in this dark place. Now it is time to open to your own loving spirit so that you can gain the strength and the Spirit power you need here to be smart in the presence of hateful light.

"Much of the material on this web site, particularly the healing class has been toward helping Spirit open to the plight of Will, and you now have the vibration needed to open and receive Loving Light in yourself and gain balance in this place. Please, release the judgment that you are not as smart or capable as unloving light.

"Mother aligned with Loving Spirit is the deepest, truest kind of intelligence, and you have found access to this alignment whenever your Will has allowed herself to open to your own loving spirit within you. To successfully push off government empowered unloving light, your will needs the strength of being filled and informed by Loving Light.

"I was often so clenched in the face of unloving light in the past, that I could not feel when God was trying to help me in the quiet way in which he can come forward in the dark places. I judged his power to be too weak and his Light too dim, but now I have seen and felt that this softer Light can penetrate the darkness more completely and more wholly than anything Lucifer or Satan, Ahriman can produce.

"There is a path out of this hell we have been trapped in for so long. But you cannot just move your emotions without your spirit's help. Think... let loving mind inform your Will when it is safe to move, and when it is best to show only the strength of your loving spirit. As you know, it is not safe to move emotion in front of those who attack Will. You are good to be parental to yourself in these places, and act protectively with yourself and with your children and grandchildren.

"What your feelings know is true, Lucifer does track the lines of Will families and tries to destroy them. But the denial spirits, the asuras which act in Lucifer's place are not conscious of what empowers them, so confrontation there is only met with greater denial. And you are right, you have been experiencing a bleed-through from Grandfather's Creation, the denials of that Creation are what power the asuras. We cannot be parental to what is not ours, and the denial spirit essence in the ausras needs to be given to God to put in their right place, which is not in this Creation.

"Gather your allies, seek a safe place to move the fear and weakness, and then allow God and Grandfather to fill you with strength and courage and thoughtfulness about the route out of the place of pain. There is a path home for us, but I need more loving light within you to help us through this place.

"I made this mistake for-almost-ever, to move in the face of Lucifer, hoping my movement would bring pity and healing. It never did. Only in finding a safe, quiet place to move, and in remaining closed to unloving light have I found that Loving Light can reach me anywhere Lucifer is not allowed. Let your wisdom lead you."

Mother Sophia

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