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September 11, 2001

Contributor: I was wondering if God, Mother, Heart, Body or Grandfather have any input to the terrorist attack on the US and what we can expect. A lot of the prediction (i.e., the Bible) say that we are heading towards a war the antichrist is here, etc., and we need to repent and change our ways, pray and go to church say the rosary. Is this what God wants? Is this what the Mother wants? Why is this happening? I am very scared for the world and very saddened by all the hate that I see and hear around me. Is this the act of the antichrist? Is this the same entity as Hitler?  Should I be falling on my knees in complete obedience to God? Please reply I am in total despair.

"This is Spirit. Please don't confuse others' interpretations and beliefs about what God wants of you with what the Mother and I are telling you on the inside. In these times more than ever it is important to find our true voices inside of yourself.

"I can tell you here on the outside, though... that world events can be very helpful in providing reflections of what is still needed in the healing work you are doing on the inside. You ask why is this happening, and you mention the Christian bible and its prophecies. There are other prophecies of these times as well, and with good reason.

"As I said early in this interview, linear time on Earth is moving toward the culmination of Grandfather's plan and the realization of the Mother's dream in manifestation. This point in linear time is nearing, but before it finally arrives there will necessarily be a massive return of lost Will to the main body of parental Mother essence. And this means there will be great upheaval on Earth.

"It is ironic that it is helpful to the healing work that deep grief, terror and rage have been triggered in Americans and others in the Western world. These kinds of horrific experiences have long been part and parcel of everyday life in much of the rest of the world, where the Mother's suffering is not quite so much in denial. But most Westerners have had the luxury of being unaffected by events like these for quite a long time.

"As time moves on though, events on the world stage will more and more reflect the movement of lost Will in everyone on Earth, even those who have thought they were too enlightened or otherwise somehow immune from the painful reflections of the lost Will of Creation. This will look and feel hellish as it happens... simply because much of the Will is still lost, trapped in Hell. In the real healing work humans are doing, it is necessary to take your conscious awareness into Hell to be with and support the Will that's still trapped there.

"The terror you have experienced in your participation and witnessing of these events is your own terror, your own lost Will crying out to you. Don't be fooled by the face of a terrorist or patriotic warrior... they are only the trigger. What their reflections trigger is much more important to the healing... it is your own lost essence crying out for your love and acceptance.

"Use the opportunity of the triggers to bring the lost parts of yourself back home to the rest of you. Avoid blame, and uncover in yourself the deeply buried guilt that is the other side of the blame you would otherwise project on the 'cause' of your terror. Release all judgments about it. They are your mind's way of trying to protect you from knowing your lost Will. The real war is going on inside of you.

The Father Warriors on Earth

"You may also want to look deeper into these events to find the dread and terror of what may happen as the 'Father Warriors' gain even more power now as the protectors and saviors who would try keep the lost Will at bay on Earth. Of course their actions will trigger even more lost Will movement, and as this conflict between the upper and lower chakras of Creation escalates... very little of what happens will look or feel good to you.

"As bad as these events may feel, this is the opportunity to heal what is yours to heal. And as you do, you will find a new kind of peace that is not based on false security or guilt in place of love. You will find real peace that is the result of experiencing real love, the guiltless communion of Loving Spirit with your newly recovered and vibrating Will... as New Heart in Body.

"The key to all of this is in aligning your own spirit essence with loving Light. Loving Light is transcendent Spirit that is willing and able to come to the most difficult feelings of terror, rage and grief... with love, acceptance, appreciation and encouragement. When your own spirit is truly loving all of the feelings triggered in you by world events, you are doing planetary healing work... inside of yourself, the only place it can truly happen.

Channelers: Spirit, what can you tell us about the Anti-Christ and the other prophecies mentioned earlier?

"What I can say now is that prophecies of Armageddon, the Apocalypse and other 'End Times' scenarios are basically correct. The realization of the Mother's dream is the extraordinary goodness that is behind these prophecies... and of course the freedom and abundance for all that is inherent in the Mother's dream will necessarily require much change. Obviously things on Earth will be very different, and you are now experiencing some of the changes that are a necessary part of the process. We'll discuss some of the old prophecies in more detail as the healing work progresses."

Thank you. What can you say about the universal forces at play in the events of last Tuesday?

"There are several ways of understanding these events at a transpersonal level, including a battle between two types of cosmic warriors, or a battle between the two devils. The best understanding for now, and one that you can easily incorporate into your healing work is this... world class asuras are emerging through the growing gaps between those on Earth who have power and wealth and those who do not. Warriors of all stripes court the presence of asuras in themselves... because these spirits of denial can lend the warrior a kind of heartless ferocity that gives them all the more power to destroy their enemy.

"If outside events trigger in you a feeling of hatred, revenge, or a wish to kill or destroy... you have an opportunity to help move some of that asuric essence to its right place. First bring the denial energy into yourself... taking responsibility for it rather than seeing it as belonging to someone else. Then offer it to Spirit for disposition to its right place as I've suggested in the page on True Sacrifice."

Thank you. Is there anything more you can tell us about this?

"Yes, as more of this unfolds the important thing to remember... is that blame makes no sense. There really is no 'them,' in the healing work... either terrorists or patriotic warrior saviors. 'They,' 'the enemy,' warriors of all kinds... are all reflecting denied parts of yourself. Being aware of what is triggered in you is not a bad thing, it is the first step in the healing. It is the first step in recovery of the lost Will that is being stirred. Even though it may feel very bad at first, embrace it, own it, be it... and you will survive and thrive as the previously denied essence moves in your loving acceptance. Continue trying to deny it or blame it on others, and you will perish.

"The Mother will have her way. And wholeness of being is yours, if you are willing to take responsibility for all that you experience, if you are willing to bring your own light and healing intent, bring your own consciousness lovingly and intentionally into Hell to find your lost parts... and feel all there is to feel there."

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