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Truth & Reality Class - Lesson Four

Fundamentals of Manifestation

Part Three: Conscious & Sentient Awareness

"This is Body with Original Spirit, welcome back to class. As with previous channeling, in this lesson We'll be using both the singular and plural pronouns and first and third persons in referring to Body. In the second attention Body is singular, in the first attention we are plural... and of course we have two genders.

"Along with manifesting in two attentions and in two genders, Body also manifests with two kinds of awareness... conscious awareness and sentient awareness. The awareness of Spirit and mind is called 'consciousness' or 'light,' and the awareness of Will-emotions and Body-sensations is called 'sentience' or 'feeling.'

"All of reality on every level is included in at least one of these two fundamental kinds of awareness. Spirit's conscious awareness hosts images and thoughts, and the Mother's sentient awareness is of feelings and sensations. In any moment when the two are in alignment, Heart becomes present... and remains until conscious awareness turns away, usually in judgment.

"As Spirit has said earlier in this class, reality is ultimately a subjective affair... it exists only as it is perceived. 'Who' perceives is you. 'What' you perceive is your 'reality.' And how you perceive or behold reality... is with your awareness.

"If in the moment you have more consciousness and less sentience, you will experience more thoughts, ideas, spiritual understandings and light, with fewer feelings about them. In other words, you'll be more 'in your head.' If in the moment you have more sentience, and less consciousness... you will experience more emotions and bodily sensations, but with little thought about them. In other words, you'll be more 'emotional' or 'in your body.'

"If you experience any combination of consciousness and sentience... you are alive. Life, all life has both kinds of awareness... and all fragments are alive. The sun is alive, the moon is alive, the galaxy is alive, and so is every particle, from the fragments that make up atoms to the galaxies that make up your 'universe.' All living things have awareness, both consciousness and sentience. Life is the essence of manifestation, Body's essential quality.

"Your human awareness is vast and varied. Each nerve cell in your body, and every other kind of cell as well... has a life of its own. Each cell is a focal point of awareness. But what kind of awareness? In manifestation there is much more sentience than consciousness. As discussed earlier in this class, there is much more of the feeling, magnetic-Will essence in manifestation than there is the thinking, electric-Spirit essence.

"Trees, for instance are very sentient, but not very conscious. Human consciousness can easily say, 'Trees have no awareness...' But trees very much do have awareness. They have sentient awareness, feelings... it's just that most humans are unable to perceive the kind of sentience that trees have.

"With the exception of themselves and their fellow mammals, humans have a great deal of trouble perceiving any of the incredible, deep sentience in Creation. And a great many humans are challenged to fully perceive even their own sentience... because they are often so much 'in their heads.'

Consciousness in Body

"In order to work together in the healing, Will, Spirit and Body must to be able to relate well with each other. The first step in relating with Body is to be able perceive me. For instance, right now in the first attention I'm moving my eyes to scan these lines of type as you read. Can you feel Body doing this? How does it feel?

"Thank you for stopping and paying attention to something you may not have noticed in a while... Body in the first attention, the already manifested part of Deity closest to you. In fact, your constant companion and best friend... remember?

"What else do you notice about me? Can you sense the pull of gravity that draws me into the seat or whatever is supporting us? Is there any discomfort, any place where you feel Body may want to move or change position? If so, thank you for helping me. Thank you for noticing Body and allowing me to adjust myself for more comfort.

"If you have done this, you have used your consciousness to be of service to your sentience. By becoming consciously aware of even a slight sentient discomfort, and giving that part of Body or Will the loving light of your conscious awareness, you have helped consciousness serve sentience, you have helped the God of Love become present with something needing healing in your Body or Will.

"This has not been the general rule, in any Creation. Ever since manifestation began, consciousness has insisted that sentience should serve him. I say 'him' because consciousness, light, Spirit... is more expanding and outgoing or 'pushy,' the more masculine awareness. And of course sentience, emotion, sensation, Will, the Mother... is more indrawing and magnetic, the more feminine awareness.

"The fundamental problem in Creation has been a result of the power that consciousness has held over sentience. At first glance it seems natural. Spirit and consciousness seem to be stronger, wiser and quicker. Why shouldn't they be in charge?

"The answer lies in the feeling nature of Will. The Mother's sentience holds the key that makes it possible for consciousness to exist. Her magnetic essence knows just what is right and what is not right in any given moment... by the way it feels.

"Consciousness can look at the situation and 'see' what is needed, but without the feeling sense in the Will that is holding the situation in manifestation, he cannot really know what is right. A great many manifestations that look good but feel bad have resulted from the conscious awareness of Spirit having dominance over the sentient awareness of the Mother.

"The time for mind to rule over Body and the emotions is coming to an end. There is so very much magnetic essence in need of cooperative, helpful, loving Light. So much Will essence has been 'lost' that now something very different must happen... if life is to go on.

"Consciousness has believed he knows what's best, while sentience knows she knows. And it hurts when her knowing is denied or ignored by consciousness. It hurts when consciousness 'decides' what should or should not happen in Creation without reference to the needs and desires of sentience. As with the trees, for instance.

"Healing Body, Body healing Creation... this will happen. It will happen because Body has the parentalness and power to bring consciousness from its position of master over sentience... to the much healthier position of her servant. Only when consciousness is at the service of sentience can the real healing begin.

"You are Body in human form, and whether you have realized it yet or not, you have incredible skill and potential in both powers of awareness. As Body, both consciousness and sentience are at your command.You, and only you can do this thing that has never been done. But how will you turn a tide that has been going the wrong way since the beginning, since the foundations of manifestation were first laid?

"The answer is in your willingness. The willingness of conscious awareness to serve sentient awareness is the first necessary step in healing within Body. In my introduction to the healing class on Body, I pointed to finding and encouraging the willingness to heal as the first key step. Now I'd like to begin discussing the second step."

The Second Dimension of Time

"There is another dimension of time that is hidden to most humans, but quite obvious to 'higher consciousness.' The ordinary conception of time is like a line that goes from the past through the present and into the future. Events can be placed on this line, and it is used to organize and make sense of much of human experience. But linear time is only one dimension of time.

"The second dimension of time can be understood if you imagine that rather than a completely straight line, linear time unfolds as a giant spiral or circle that comes back again to its beginning, like the rim of a wheel.

"Now imagine that each moment on the line of time, each moment on the rim of the wheel... is connected by a spoke that goes all the way to the wheel's central hub. Linear time still unfolds as a spiral-like line, but each moment along that line is connected to a single, central point through a 'spoke' in the wheel. In this metaphor the spokes and hub represent the second dimension of time.

"The first dimension of time is the cornerstone of the first attention... and along with the three dimensions of space, it constitutes the four dimensional space-time continuum. The second temporal dimension, however, exists only in the second attention when physicality is limited to only four dimensions.

"The place in the center, at the hub of the wheel... is beyond all time, and has access to every moment... past, present and future. As a seeker moves inward toward the hub, they move toward higher and higher consciousness.

"This place at the hub, in the center of time, is the single eternal moment through which consciousness can behold all of manifestation... including all the events and realities at the rim, all the fixtures and forces of the first attention.

"From the perspective of the hub of the wheel, the rim and all of its manifestations are illusionary. They exist in time, and from the point of view of eternity... they are not real. In other words, from this point of view the first attention and everything in it is illusionary. From the point of Eternal Now, linear time and the space and energy and matter associated with it appear to be temporary, impermanent. Only this single eternal moment of cosmic consciousness experienced at the hub seems to be 'real.'

"This understanding has been the basis of many religions and philosophies. And in those terms 'attainment' has meant leaving the rim of the wheel, leaving the world of pain and suffering, the world of 'Maya'... and moving as far into the second attention as possible, by traveling in the second dimension of time toward the hub, toward the Eternal Now. This point of absolute presence is where one may experience themselves as the crown of Creation, and indeed its Creator.

"This is the journey of the spiritual masters and mystics and many practitioners of magic. It is considered to be the way of conquering death, because in eternity... in the single moment of 'Now' or 'all time,' there is no death. In these terms death is part of the illusion of linear time, just an another element along the rim of the wheel of karma.

"But all this 'attainment' has been leaving something out... Body and the Mother. The Will and Body of Creation have been left behind by these 'adepts.' They were necessary steps to the attainment of permanent cosmic bliss... but here in the 'Now,' they are no longer necessary.

"And although nothing has seemed wrong with this, when consciousness has moved into the 'higher realms' away from the first attention, away from sentience... and particularly away from the most difficult parts of the feeling essence, it has in effect left manifestation itself behind. It's been a journey of return to Original Heart, but without Body, and without the Mother's most vital parts. And it always has ended in singularity, oneness without true peers. This was not Original Heart's intention in splitting itself to create manifestation. And it is nothing like the Mother's dream.

"And yet to 'higher consciousness' this has seemed for all world like the right direction to go, and even though Body has been placated in the process... this permanent withdrawing of consciousness has not been helping the healing of the pain and suffering of the lost Will in Body. This has not been consciousness in the service of sentience. This has been consciousness escaping the limitations it has perceived certain kinds of sentience had placed on its freedom. It's been the old story of Spirit lifting out of the pain, suffering and hopelessness of Body and the Mother."

The Third Dimension of Time

"There is yet another dimension to time. Imagine, if you will, that the wheel is not flat, but rather shaped like a cone. In other words, the rim of the wheel forms the circumference at the base of the cone, and the hub becomes the point at the vertex. If it where standing upright, the cone would resemble the shape of the pointed hat traditionally worn by wizards and witches.

"In this view the base of the cone or brim of the hat is the four dimensional universe of the first attention. The point at the top of the hat is now the central, all present single moment of eternity that includes all other moments in the second attention as they unfold, all the way down to the bottom where linear time of the first attention is like the brim of the hat.

"'Spiritual attainment' has meant essentially that consciousness leaves the brim and moves up to take permanent residence in the all-powerful present moment of Creation. But this is not true wholeness. In this scenario Body is left to die its 'illusionary' death. And Will is left without the light or consciousness that she needs to bring herself out of her pain.

"The Mother, the Will of Creation is based in sentience. Our metaphor can be expanded to include her reality too. She is not only present at the brim, in the upper chakras, but in all the chakras below as well.

"Now imagine two cones, with their bases together. One points upward like the wizard's hat... that's consciousness. The other points downward, like a downward moving vortex or whirlpool... that's sentience. In the middle, at the widest point is Heart, balancing the feeling sense of sentience with the knowing sense of consciousness.

"In the upper cone or whirlpool is consciousness and light...ever rising up in glory, abundance and bliss. In the lower cone or whirlpool is sentience, dropping down ever lower into darkness, pain and misery... in the absence of the Light which has risen away from her. And all of this, both consciousness and sentience... all of this is Body.

All awareness, all consciousness and sentience is of and in manifestation, it is the totality of existence. And real wholeness, true wholeness demands that it all be included. Nothing can be lifted out of or left behind."

Loving Light and Empowering Light

"Spirit and Grandfather have said that this is to be a complete recovery of all the lost Will essence of all the Creations. This includes everything necessary to realize the Mother's Dream, and this means that all of her lost parts will be reclaimed.

"In order for this to happen, the direction of Spirit's movement, the traditional preferred direction of consciousness... must change. Instead of rising up and away from the first attention and all the Will essence that is in pain and drudgery there, it must come back down and be with her. And moreover, loving Spirit as your own conscious awareness must be willing to move all the way down to the deepest and darkest Hells that exist at the bottom of the lower vortex.

"Heart has said that there are two kinds of Light... Loving Light and empowering Light. Empowering Light has been rising up and away from lost Will, seeking ever more freedom, power and glory.

"Loving Light, truly exalted consciousness, conscious awareness with the intent to heal... is Light that is coming down from the heights of glory and power to be with the most anguished terror in Hell. Loving Light is truly worthy of the title 'God.' It is Light that's willing to somehow find its way... to dwell with the Mother and her most painful realities in Hell.

"Just as empowered consciousness can know the pleasures of eternal bliss in the Now of the single present moment... loving consciousness is willing to also know the abject pain of the eternal suffering in the forever Now of the Mother's deepest and darkest sentient awareness.

"But who will do this? Who would voluntarily bring their consciousness from the heights of the cosmic glory and power they have attained... to the hopeless depths of torturous pain and despair? The answer of course is you, the human whose intent is the healing of Creation.

"Only those who are already in manifestation are capable of completely identifying with Body in both attentions... and then reclaiming all of the lost Will of Creation, all of the lost Will in manifested existence. Isn't this you?

"Only you are capable of bringing unmanifested Spirit and the eternal glory of Heaven to its new home here on Earth.This is the essence of the healing work, the culmination of Original Spirit's search for the Mother's Body. And in the next part of this lesson we'll discuss some practical methods you may find useful in doing this work.

"It is both your conscious awareness of the highest, most glorious spiritual realities of joy and Light... and your spirit's love for consciously knowing the sentient awareness of the deepest, most hopeless realities of the Mother's pain and suffering. These qualities are what will enable you as Body to bring together the two opposite poles of Creation in their completely whole, loving union... manifesting who you truly are, New Heart in Body."


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