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Interview with 'the Folks,' Part Two

Interview, part One

Channelers note: If you haven't already, please first read part one of this interview and the channelers' note at the top of that page. In addition to what is stated in our note there, we'd like to point out that even though they are two essences speaking as one, 'the Folks' refer to themselves individually as 'Spirit' and 'the Mother.'

Desire and Denial

Channelers: Hello again Folks, in part one of this interview you mentioned the Mother's three desires... the end of suffering, the return of all her lost parts to wholeness, and the realization of her dream. It seems there are many more desires than these. What can you tell us about other desires?

Spirit and the Mother: "Desire is the essence of Will, and the Mother is parental Will. So, her desires are parental. However, non-parental Will has been the most prevalent kind of Will in humans. Non-parental Will has had the desire to escape from the pain and suffering of the Will polarity by bonding directly with certain parts of Spirit. In the past Spirit's denials made him all too happy to have the comfort and reflections of magnetic essence that would align with him on his terms. Although non-parental Will has been called 'Daughter,' it is properly part of the Mother's Heart.

"The splitting off of Daughter was particularly devastating to the Mother, because when she separated, she took with her the Mother's youthful beauty and vitality. Most nonparental Will separated from the Mother to avoid her pain, and particularly the suffering of her lost parts. In doing this she aligned with parts of Spirit that had also been avoiding the Mother and her pain."

"Recently, as the healing work progresses, more and more Daughter presence has been maturing. Her desire for healing has opened the door to her bonding with the Mother and her parental desires. Instead of continuing to enjoy the pleasures of her power and privilege as the consort of Spirit essence that opposed the Mother, this part of Will is now aligning with the Mother. In intending wholeness and choosing to end suffering, Daughter, the Heart of the Mother in Body, is now moving into the healer role in Creation.

"This is right place for Heart because the result of complete wholeness is the realization of the Mother's dream. In the Mother's paradigm of free will for all beings, parentalness is no longer necessary. In the realization of the Mother's dream, Heart is king and queen, and eternally safe to be and to play... without fear of reversal. Parentalness is necessary only now, while there is still so much to heal."

Okay Folks, thank you. You mentioned earlier that desire is the essence of Will. What else can you tell us about this?

"Emotions are expressions of desire, and in the case of 'negative' emotions, the expression of the denial of desire. Deep under every denied emotion is a desire that was denied first. All of the pain and suffering in Creation is a result of Spirit's denial of the Mother's essential self... desire. All pain is a result of desire's natural drawing power being thwarted by denial.

"Desire becomes twisted when it is denied, and it's in this twisting that Lucifer and Ahriman have gained their power over the Will. But the twisting of desire didn't begin with the denials of Spirit. It began with the Will being attacked by asuras before Spirit was awake to his own existence."

The Original Denial of Desire

Thank you Folks. What caused the Mother to be attacked by denial spirits?

"Before anything happened in manifestation, the Mother was a unified field of indrawing, pulsating magnetic essence. She didn't 'know' anything about herself, because she had only sentient awareness. But she could feel herself, and she enjoyed her pulsating because she sensed it as desire to draw something to her, even though she didn't know exactly what it would be. Without the presence of consciousness, she instinctively sensed that whatever it was, it would in some way complete her and satisfy her desire.

"Suddenly, she felt something coming toward her, and with rising joy she opened to receive it. Her joy quickly turned to pain when instead of her desire being fulfilled as she'd expected, she received a terrible blow of denial energy that hurt her deeply. Stunned and in shock, she closed herself... but now with the burning hatred of an asura deep inside of her.

"That asura, and the many that followed it used the magnetic essence to empower their quest to return to oblivion. Whenever she tried to open or move, more intense denial energy was drawn to her. Caught in manifestation, denial's goal became to use the Mother's own essence to destroy her... so she would never again disturb them with her pulsing movement."

Yikes Folks, thank you. What happened as a result of these attacks?

"With repeated asuric attacks, the Mother began to fragment. It was of course desire that drew the asuras and their intense denial energy to her. Some of the asuras found themselves in the gaps between fragments of the Mother, and others became so deeply embedded in the Mother's magnetic essence that they have become enmeshed with her, gradually grinding down her ability to move at all. In these instances, the Mother's essence has become frozen and cut off from all Light.

"From one unified field of pulsating, enticing cosmic desire opening to receive its completion and fulfillment, the Will of Creation became split into three fundamental fragments. The singular, core desire is the desire for loving union. Three fragments of the previously unified magnetic desire essence resulted from the repeated attacks of denial energy... the desire for the freedom to have and do what she wants and not what she doesn't, the desire for the peace of security from attack, and her primary desire, the desire for loving union with Light.

"Denial further twisted the desire for freedom of Will into the emotion of rage... the reaction to the injustice of something thwarting her free Will. The desire for peace and security became twisted into terror... the loss of peace and security. And the asuras' denial energy twisted the desire for love into grief... the loss of love and wholeness."

"A gap quickly emerged between the terror and rage fragments. The Mother turned against herself as her terror triggered her rage and the rage triggered more terror. There was nothing to fight against but herself, and nothing to fear but her own movement. The denial spirits were getting their way. The Mother became more and more still... as she learned that even the slightest movement caused her more pain and damage.

"When Spirit finally did show up, he wasn't much help. To him, the Mother seemed to be full of problems and possessed of an evil disposition. Nonetheless, Spirit was attracted by what was still left of the Will's magnetic drawing power. When the opportunity arose, the Mother moved to draw Spirit completely into herself.

"Unbelievably intense ecstasy flooded Us both as We merged in Divine union. Deeply united in each other, We remembered Our union as Original Heart. But all of this lasted only a moment.

"As he burrowed deeply into the Mother's essence, the presence of denial energy alarmed a part of Spirit. Feeling he was about to be consumed by something that hated him, Spirit instinctively revved up his energy to escape the Mother's hold on him. The resulting explosion finished the destructive work of the asuras. The sudden increase in Light broke through the enclosing Will essence, severely fragmenting the Mother and sending most of her parts far away from each other... as Spirit's Light receded back into the darkness."

Thank you Folks. So the Will's desire for union with Spirit brought her intense ecstasy, and then sudden, tragic reversal?

"Yes, the core of all desire is the Mother's desire for ecstatic union with loving Light. The fulfillment of this desire without denial begets New Heart... and loving manifestations. The ongoing opening of this desire and the willing fulfillment of it with the unconditional acceptance of loving Light brings the end of suffering, the wholeness of Will and therefore being, and the realization of the Mother's dream.

Healing Desire

Okay Folks, thank you. How do you suggest we work with desire by way of healing?

"Every imprint has denied desire at its core. The healing begins when you have released enough denial energy and brought enough acceptance to an emotion that you can feel the desire under it. Ask Us to help you feel under the emotional energy... to the denied desire that is beneath it. As with emotions, first release the denial energy that has twisted the desire.

"When you can feel the unfulfilled desire begin to move, bring your loving acceptance to it. You are then loving your desire just as it is, unfulfilled edginess and all. As you bring unconditional acceptance to your unfulfilled desire on the personal level, on the transpersonal level Spirit is bringing his loving Light to the part of the Mother whose desire was originally rejected.

"As you feel into your desire, drop down to its deepest layer... the desire to be loved. Your Spirit essence is now loving your Will's deepest desire, and in doing so the desire becomes activated. Activated desire is the most powerful drawing force in Creation. It brings you what you want. This is the root cause of manifestation... desire activated by loving Light manifests what is desired. The key is in fully feeling and loving your desire just as it is in the moment, unfulfilled."

Thank you Folks. Are there some desires that are best left unfulfilled?

"All desires are worthy of fulfillment. The issue is not which desires to love and accept and which to reject. Desire is the core of all sentience, all feeling. Any rejected desire is the rejection of a part of the Mother. In the recovery of all lost Will, all denied desire must come back into love. The issue is in the sequence of recovery. At this stage of the healing work, the will to heal is paramount, and therefore the Mother's parental desires come first. Finding the Will to Heal is the first priority in the fulfillment of all desire.

"When the Mother's core desires are activated with loving acceptance, healing happens. When the Mother's essence is whole in you, parentalness is no longer needed. All the nonparental desires can then find their loving fulfillment. Manifestation is meant to be a playground where being and doing are fun, not like it is now for most humans... a prison where it's believed forced labor is required for survival. The fulfillment of all desire, both parental and nonparental is the foundation of the Mother's core parental desire, the realization of her dream."

Embedded Denial Energy

Okay Folks, thank you very much. Earlier you mentioned a kind of denial energy that has become enmeshed with lost parts of the Mother. What else can you tell us about this?

"Embedded denial is the reason the Mother's most lost parts have not yet returned to wholeness with the rest of her essence, and this has been the most difficult issue in the healing work. This denial energy has become enmeshed with the magnetic essence, and therefore it cannot be readily released as if it were free to leave manifestation.

"Neither judgment release nor asura release can dislodge this kind of denial energy from the Mother's lost essence. And subtle denial release won't touch the intense denial energy embedded in these parts of Will until the denial begins to break away. Embedded denial has found its way to the very core of these lost parts, as if it was their essence. Any movement by the magnetic essence causes more damage to the Will and the denial energy becomes even more embedded.

"When the Will essence can no longer move, it can no longer draw light to itself and becomes 'lost' to Spirit. Some of this lost Will essence has become so impacted with embedded denial energy that it resists any kind of light. The only way to succeed with this kind of denial is to remain present at a distance from the fragment with embedded denial. Slow down your energy and make your light (conscious awareness) soft and diffuse.

"Your patient conscious presence, at a respectful distance and intensity, will eventually begin to erode some of the enmeshed denial and it will flake off in small shards as it makes its way back to the void. Say, "You may leave quietly now" to the bits of denial as they loosen and flake off from the magnetic essence.

"In working with this kind of denial energy, it's important that you have direct communication with the healed part of the Mother and loving Spirit. In working with this energy, please ask Us on the inside for our help and guidance specifically for you and your situation."

Okay Folk, thank you. What is different about embedded denial that it wants to remain bonded with the Mother and not return to the void like the other kinds of denial energy?

"There is more to the story of the original asuric attacks on the Mother. When Spirit had not yet fully emerged, and the Mother first began to move, a part of Spirit that was not yet conscious sensed her movement as a disturbance.

"Your ancient symbol of the yin and yang energies shows that within each polarity there is a small amount of its opposite. This is true of Spirit and Will as well. There is some Desire present within Spirit essence, and some Light present within Mother essence. When Spirit unconsciously felt disturbed, an unconscious, automatic impulse arose to stop the disturbance. An asura immediately bonded with Spirit's desire to stop the movement of Will.

"Without being aware of it happening, Spirit's unconscious desire to not be disturbed combined with intense denial energy flew out of Spirit and hit the Mother. Now mixed with asuric energy, Spirit's impulse to stop the disturbance became the impulse to kill the source of the disturbance... the Mother. As the Mother sensed this energy coming toward her, she sensed the presence of her Mate and instinctively opened to him.

"Although she quickly closed as soon as she felt the incoming denial energy, some of it entered her essence. Because the asuric energy had bonded with Spirit's unconscious desire, the Mother was unable to prevent it from further bonding with her own desire essence. The presence of denial in her essence turned the Mother against herself, and the situation has become further complicated since these lost parts of the Mother continue to draw more and more denial energy to themselves.

"We are very happy that some of you are now discovering and willingly working with the most lost Will in Creation. The liberation of the Mother's essence in these fragments of Will embedded with denial is the most significant recent development in the healing work. The Mother's dream comes closer now, as some of her most vital parts begin to return to wholeness with her. Again, please get specific guidance directly from Us about how to work with this energy."

Okay Folks, thank you very much. 

Channelers' note: This interview continues...

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