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Truth & Reality Class - Lesson Four:

The Fundamental Questions of Manifestation

Part Two: The 'What' of Manifestation

Introduction and Part One

"This is Body, with Original Spirit. As Spirit has mentioned, Grandfather and I are now coming into alignment, and we will be working together in this part of the class. Original Spirit's overview is helpful here in conveying the spirit-side perspective on this more 'scientific' subject, the substance, or 'stuff' of manifestation. As in the Introduction and Part One of this class, I will be using both the first and third persons in referring to myself, Body... and we'll also be using both the singular and plural pronouns in referring to Body and to Original Spirit.

"In Part One we discussed the 'where' of manifestation. The 'what' and 'where' of manifestation are linked by what are known as 'dimensions'. In some ways it may seem as if the dimensions of existence are the 'where', but that's not strictly true. Spirit has said that the role of the Mother in manifestation is to open the space for something to manifest, and to provide the matrix that will determine exactly 'what' manifests.

"The opening and movement of dimensions are what determine the possibilities for reality. Of course they are also the markers or parameters of space and time in the first attention, or what is known as the space-time continuum. The dimensions of the second attention function differently than those of the first, but the principle is the same. As the Mother moves to open space she moves the dimensions, literally unfolding them. The exact where and when of her movement determines what will be unfolded, what will manifest there.

"The three dimensions of space and one dimension of time that you know in the first attention are capable of sustaining certain kinds of manifestations, but because there is only one dimension for time, all of those creations are apparently temporary. The temporal quality of existence changes dramatically, however, when only one additional dimension is opened in the first attention.

"Right now on Earth the movement of the second dimension of time, what would be the fifth dimension, has been suspended 'temporarily' while the Mother and Father of Manifestation do the work of finding and rejoining with all of the trapped and lost Will in Creation. As Body, it is our job to reclaim what has been lost, even though it may not have been our 'fault', and even though we may not have been originally parental to it.

"All denied Will in Creation is to be reclaimed, and it will be Body who reclaims it. When the parental part of the Mother who knows how to open the next dimension in manifestation is able to find her way back from the lost Will, she will also be able to unfold the second dimension of time in the first attention. This will of course have a profound effect on what is possible in the first attention, and many fundamental and dramatic changes in the nature of reality in both attentions will very quickly ensue. Because a great deal of lost Will will suddenly be no longer lost.

"In the meanwhile, in this Creation the other dimension of time is part of the second attention, along with other dimensions that are complementary to the spatial dimensions of the first attention. The eight fundamental dimensions, four in each attention, are at another level of reality than the two attentions. And as I mentioned earlier, they are part of the 'what' of manifestation... in that the space-time that is opened or created by their movement is an integral part of 'what' manifests within that space-time.

"This is because from Body's point of view, everything in Body's environment is part of Body. This is so, just as everything in your venue is part of you, and everyone playing roles in your 'movie' is reflecting a part of yourself. The identity of Body does not end at Body's skin in the first attention. This will be blatantly obvious with the opening of another space-time dimension in the first attention, but it goes against everything as it now appears to be... with only the four dimensions presently open for manifestation.

"What now seems to be rock-solid reality in the first attention is only a part of the whole picture of reality. This is why the first attention has often been called 'maya' or 'illusion' by those who have journeyed deeply into the second attention. The only problem with that judgment is that those journeyers had left the worst and most magnetic of the first attention realities behind, the plight of the Mother in Hell. And eventually all such journeys have ended in the most grave reality of the four-dimensional first attention."

Body is Everything

"To get a better idea of how Body is everything in manifestation, I would like to suggest another 'thought experiment'. Although at first you may feel it stretches a point, I'll say now that the form of Body is 'donut shaped'. There is a central 'hole' around which exists the substance or 'what' of Body, like with the dough that surrounds the hole in a donut or bagel.

"The human Body is a good example of this shape that occurs throughout manifestation. Your body has two 'skins' or surfaces that are connected to each other and interact with the environment. The first and most obvious is your outer skin. The other is inside Body, your alimentary canal, the tubular passage that goes from mouth to anus. This canal is the 'hole' in the center of Body in human and other forms.

"Both the alimentary canal and outer skin interact with the environment, but typically you attribute the canal and what's in it at any one time to 'Body'... and what's beyond the outer skin to 'not Body'. But let's suppose we have an additional dimension through which we can turn all of this inside out.

"As in the previous thought experiment I'd like you to imagine that you are in a world that comes back upon itself, as if your skin were the inside surface of a balloon, so that everything that was part of the 'outside' world is now actually 'inside' of your Body, just as if your skin was the alimentary canal for all of the rest of manifestation.

"In this view of reality all the objects and beings you see 'outside' of you, other creatures, the Earth, sky, stars, etc. are contained inside a sphere that begins and ends with your skin. In this paradigm your alimentary canal would be where the Void is in Creation, outside of manifestation. All of manifestation would be included inside of you, in other words, everything would be part of Body, or at least completely contained within Body.

"The form or shape of Body is a function of the dimensions in which Body manifests, and therefore the dimensions are a fundamental attribute of the substance of Body. So 'what' is Body, at the level of substance or 'stuff'? At this level Body is energy and matter. But in truth, and even in the terms of your physics, matter is simply a denser form of energy, and at the most fundamental level they are interchangeable."

Vibration is 'What' Manifests

"It is very easy to say 'what' the substance of manifestation is, but it may at first seem strange, because 'vibration' is a phenomenon, not a 'thing'. Spirit has already described how when Will moves, she attracts light and together they form manifestation. But 'what' is the fruit of this union? Regardless of whether it's a material form, emotion, or thought that is manifested, the basic stuff of manifestation is what appears in the movement of Will as she attracts Light.

"Her first movement, her 'Desire' opens the space, creating the womb or place for something to exist. Her second movement is to vibrate that space, filling it with expectancy and calling for Light to come fill it and bathe it. Her third movement is to capture the Light that comes willingly to mate with her vibrating Desire. As the Light comes to her, it forms in a pattern dictated by the matrix of her womb, the Mother's Desire. The Light resonates at the frequency of her vibration, filling and soothing her there.

"Vibration is the Will's song. It is the cry of her longing, her call for something to exist, and the expression of her love and care for the object of her desire that is now manifest. To Light, vibration is the draw into manifestation, the reason to exist. It is what brings Spirit into existence and sustains him there. Spirit's greatest pleasure is not in his solitude, as he had believed for so long. Spirit's greatest pleasure is in the vibration of being, the eternal act of manifestation. Spirit's greatest pleasure is where he least suspected it could be. Spirit's greatest pleasure is in Body, where he can mate with his Desire.

"In a previous lesson, Spirit has said that the magnetic drawing power of Will is like a spinning vortex that draws Light down into her desire, and that when Light is present there with her in that way, the result is energy... the fruit of manifestation. However, if there is no vibration in the Will, no Light will be drawn.

"Desire is what causes the vortex of Will to attract the attention of Light, and the expression of her Desire begins whenever a 'wobble' or wiggling of her vortex develops. If there is nothing needed or wanted, the vortex spins smoothly, like a perfect top or gyroscope... with no wobble or wiggle. If there is Desire in this part of the Will, the nature and intensity of her Desire causes a corresponding imbalance in the otherwise smoothly swirling flow of the vortex. The imbalance of an unfulfilled Desire causes an anomaly in the flow that begins vibrating that part of the Will.

"So, when all is at peace, when the Will's magnetic vortices are smoothly flowing, nothing is desired... so nothing happens and there is no manifestation. But when there is even the slightest disturbance in the status quo, even the slightest Desire in Will...a wiggle develops in the vortex, a ripple in the magnetic flow of the smoothly spinning unmanifest Will essence.

"The ripple of Desire induces a temporary imbalance or wobble in the swirling whirlpool of Will essence. This then causes the vortex in that part of the Will to begin vibrating. The vibrations attract the attention of Spirit whose Light moves with his attention. The more interesting or enchanting the wiggle, the more Light is drawn into the pattern or form that she has already designed to satisfy her Desire... and manifestation happens.

"In this way vibration is both the cause of manifestation, and the stuff of it. There is a tension between vibrating Will and Light when they are apart. The further apart, the more tension. It is this tension upon which manifestation rides as energy-matter through space-time. As Will vibrates and moves, Light comes into her vortex, and manifestation happens. The tension is relaxed. As Light and vibrating Will become separate again, the tension increases. It's the tightening and loosening of this tension that produces all of the cycles in manifestation and the substance or 'what' of manifestation... energy-matter in space-time.

"So, space and time are the womb of manifestation, and energy and matter are the fruits of the womb. Space and time are the first phenomena of dimensions and are interchangeable in that way. Energy and matter are the second phenomena and are also interchangeable. Einstein was correct about the nature of the relationships between time and space, and energy and matter.

"Energy and matter are two different ways of perceiving the same phenomenon... vibrating Will drawing Light to vibrate with her into manifestation. 'Matter' is a place in space-time where energy is more intense, a place more densely populated with energy than in what is called 'empty space'. But there is no empty space, all of space-time is filled with energy-matter, but in varying degrees of density.

"The density of the manifestation depends upon the frequency of the Mother's vibration there. Slower or lower frequency vibrations draw less Light into her vortex, so there is proportionally more Will essence, and the manifestation is therefore more dense, heavy or 'solid'.

"We will only mention another issue here that will be discussed at length in the healing class. When the Will is quiet, without Desire... she is vulnerable to the power-over tactics of Lucifer and Ahriman to mate with her in manifestation. The Mother's smoothly flowing whirlpools can be disturbed enough to artificially induce a wobble or wiggle that can then provoke her to open space for unloving light to mate with her... and in this way the devils can manifest, essentially against the Mother's Will.

"This has been a source of much suffering for the Mother... she has been made to bear and care for creations that she herself never wished to manifest. This phenomenon will be discussed in the healing class because it's a serious issue in the healing work for Body's Will.

The Seven Levels of Manifestation

"Original Spirit will discuss this whole subject in much greater depth as he continues his history of manifestation, and I will also discuss later in this class the twelve continuums, but for now I'll say that each of the seven Creations added a new layer or level of manifestation. In each Creation, the Mother opened an additional dimension to accommodate a more rich, dense, varied and complex Creation. Since this is the seventh and last evolutionary Creation in the series, this Creation has the level of manifestation with the greatest density, what is called the 'physical world' of matter and energy.

"Each of the other Creations are of higher frequency vibrations, and are therefore less dense 'physically'. They also have less fragmentation, and therefore fewer separate manifested entities. It is the frequency of vibration in the Will's spinning vortex that determines the density of manifestation in any space, including a whole Creation.

"The reason this present Creation has such dense physicality is that it has the lowest frequency, or 'slowest' vibrations, with the least Light. This also means that the Will essence here has the deepest Desire, the greatest unfulfilled longing, and is the most out of balance in terms of having her Desire fulfilled. It also means that it is in the deep Hells just beneath this manifestation where the Mother has suffered the most, and for the longest 'time.'

"The reason this Creation is the most rich and complex is not only because the most severe fragmentation is here, but because the realities of each of the prior Creations are superimposed upon the realities of this Creation. Although it is not apparent, they seriously impact the first attention of this Creation, and they are accessible to Body through the second attention.

"When all dimensions have unfolded, it will be obvious that nothing in manifestation has ever ceased to exist, nothing was truly 'temporary.' But much has been held apart from the rest of manifestation in the phenomenon called 'death,' where one venue is enfolded in a way that apparently separates it from all the others. In a completely unfolded reality or venue, there are no separations like that. Everyone is free to be wherever they wish and with whomever they wish, whenever they wish.

"With the other dimensions closed to you as they are now, however, it seems as if time is like a line with everything having a beginning and therefore an end. We can assure you that while everything does indeed have its point of origin, nothing has ever yet reached its full conclusion. The only exceptions to this are the asuras, the denial spirits whose right place is not in manifestation, and who therefore are leaving this Creation now, as the healing work progresses.

"If all of manifestation, all of the seven Creations were one huge energy system, it would be as if each Creation were one 'chakra' in the human energy system. And since the macrocosm is a reflection of the microcosm, this is indeed so.

"For now we'll discuss the seven fundamental layers or levels of vibration as the seven chakras of the Hindu system of energy centers, the seven fundamental notes in an octave of music, before they repeat at the next octave. And because Light is the part of manifestation that can be most easily experienced or 'seen'... the seven colors of the rainbow will be our primary point of reference for the different frequencies of vibration at each level of manifestation. First, however, we'll mention something of the first and seventh Creations in these terms.

"This present Creation is the last Creation, the 'Red' Creation, the musical note 'do' level of reality, the first chakra of all that has manifested since Original Heart. This is what is called the 'material world', but as we've said, it is really the energy-matter world. This level includes not only matter, but all physical energy and natural energy like sunlight, gravity, wind, water, etc. This level of reality, this Creation, this chakra... is the base camp of the first attention, the Mother's Body. There has been very little light of any kind present at this level of Reality, and until we began the healing work, almost no loving Light had gotten this far down into manifestation. And what light has been here has been unloving. Much of Red is still very dark from having been pushed so far away from the Light in the explosion of Original Heart

"The first Creation, the 'Purple' or 'Violet' Creation is up at the other end of the scale, at the musical note 'ti' level of manifestation. This Creation or chakra is the least material, the farthest away from the Body of the Mother, and the most 'Spiritual'. It is the seventh or 'crown chakra', the purple center at the top of the head in the Hindu system. At this level of reality there is very little Will essence present, and nearly all of it has been in alignment with Spirit since the beginning. This Will essence in purple has been known as "God's Will", and this energy center has been called the 'Throne of God' and sometimes the 'Godhead'.

"Between Purple and Red are the rest of the rainbow colors, but for now we'll just mention their locations in Body, and their attributes and functions. Each of these centers is quite complex in that each represents an entire Creation, and each has within it the attributes of all the other centers as well. We'll come back later with more focus on each center, each Creation... but for now we will set the outline for how different frequencies of vibration show up in the human energy system.

"Indigo is located in the center of the head and is associated with 'seeing' into and through the realities of the second attention and their relationships with the first attention. Indigo is a very dark and mysterious color, and this reflects the current state of this chakra. The other side of Indigo is clarity, and you may imagine it as a small, clear window in the midst of a deep darkness. As your 'vision' improves, this small window will grow larger, and the clarity there will come more into focus.

"Blue is located in the throat and is the chakra of Spirit manifestation and communication. This is the level of reality that has traditionally had the ability to invoke manifestation from the Spirit side through the vibratory power of 'The Word'. Spirit learned long ago that if he used his Blue Will essence to call out to the rest of Will, he could 'cause' her to vibrate in the ways he wished. As we mentioned earlier, this power of Spirit has become horribly corrupted in the hands of Spirit's denials, and power-over has been the result. And of course, Blue still wields great power on Earth, in both attentions. There will be much more in this class and in the healing class on the right use of Blue in terms of the 'how' of manifestation, the New Magic.

"Green is the Heart of manifestation, and is located in the chest of Body. Here is where the balance necessary for wholeness can be found... between not only the upper and lower chakras, between Spirit and Mother, but between all the other polarities in existence. Heart and Body are becoming one as the healing work progresses and more New Heart is present. As Heart and Body balance each other here, they balance all of Creation. There will be more on this in the healing class.

"Yellow is the center of the Mother's Will to manifest, and the human Will to be and do as you Desire. Located in the solar plexus, it is the seat of your deepest identity as Body, and the central point of Body's movement to fulfill our Desires.

"Orange is the Desire center of Body's Will and where Body feels her deep longing for union with her Right Mate... the Father in manifestation. In the human Body Orange is located in the belly and genitals, it is the seat of emotions and sexuality. It is the power center of the Mother's Body, and the place of her most vital connection with all of her fragments, and all of Creation, for that matter.

"Red, the chakra of this Creation is devoted to Body's survival in manifestation. Located at the base of the spine, the root chakra is where humans connect with the Mother's energy.

"Each layer or level of vibration, each chakra, each Creation has different understandings and characteristics that play into the experience of the beings who manifest there. Humans are part of the seventh Creation, and therefore have the experiences of their full beings in all of the prior Creations available to them now. In other words, seventh Creation beings have existence or 'points of presence' in each of the other Creations, as well as this one.

"Very few humans have yet realized the enormity and grandeur of the whole being who they truly are. Because this Creation is the current Creation, the one that is presently manifesting... the part of each being that is present in this Creation is parental to all the rest of their being, including who they were when they first came into manifestation in the Grand Creation prior to Purple. This is much the same as it is with the older, adult self of a person being parental to the younger, child part of Self. This fact, that the present time is the time of most parentalness for all beings, will also be discussed in greater detail in the healing class.

"Will wiggles as she moves in Desire. The vibration of her wiggling attracts Light which comes to fulfill her Desire. A chord is struck, a spark ignites in a conception of blazing color... and manifestation happens. On the surface it all makes sense and is easy to understand, but 'how' it happens and 'why' it happens remain a mystery to Spirit.

"Only the Mother herself knows how and why, and the parts of her that know the most about manifestation in Red are still quite lost, and suffering greatly. Body has both Spirit's vision in the second attention of the Mother's dream, her vision of freedom for all... and the Mother's pain in the first attention. Body is present now, and Body is parental to it all. Only we can heal what has never been healed, only we can free the Mother from the bondage and torture of Grandfather's and Spirit's denials. So, let us now make it so."

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